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At The Regional Fertility Program in Calgary we always strive to offer our patients the best possible outcomes and the latest innovations in IVF. Eeva is an innovative imaging diagnostic system used by IVF laboratories to analyze early embryo development. Eeva consists of a special microscope that fits inside a standard incubator and takes time-lapse video images of your embryos, which are analyzed by proprietary, intelligent software. Using automatic image capture, Eeva tracks each embryo through the various cell divisions as it develops from the single-cell stage to the eight-cell stage.
At the Regional Fertility Program in Calgary, we always strive to offer our patients the best possible outcomes and the latest innovations in IVF.

The Regional Fertility Program is currently collaborating with egg banks in the United States from whom vitrified eggs can be purchased and sent to the Regional Fertility Program for use in an IVF donor egg treatment cycle.
Diagnostic Ultrasound Services has 5 clinics in Oxted, Redhill, Crawley, Horley, Horsham and Burgess Hill.
We offer a comprehensive range of Ultrasound Scans including Early pregnancy scans, Dating And Viability Scans, Nuchal scans, Combined Test, Growth Scans, Doppler Scans, , Private Pregnancy Ultrasound, 3d scans and 4d Scans for Surrey, Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex.
We are pleased to be amongst the first fertility clinics to offer the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) test. At the heart of Eeva is intelligent software that reliably and consistently assesses differences in early embryo cell divisions to determine an embryo’s development potential.

On Day 3, Eeva calculates the time it took each embryo to achieve each cell-division milestone and uses its proprietary algorithm to predict which embryos have the most development potential.
We prefer to discuss your needs in order to determine what is most appropriate for your you. Eeva assists embryologists in selecting the best embryos for IVF transfer to optimize the chances for a successful pregnancy.

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