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Q What is IVF?IVF is a technique involving stimulation of multiple follicles, retrieving those eggs and fertilizing with sperms in the laboratory followed by embryo transfer to the uterus. Tubal factor infertility like blocked fallopian tubes or pelvic adhesions, when the tubal surgery is technically unsuccessful or an alternative to surgery in patients of previous tubal sterilization. Male factor Infertility-When multiple IUI cycles fail or physical parameters are markedly deranged than IVF is the next step. Q How long does it take to complete on IVF cycle?One cycle of IVF usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

Q Is the procedure painful?The injections given during stimulation are not very painful as they are to be taken subcutaneous and with a very fine syringe.
Q How different are IVF pregnancies from natural conceptions?Once the pregnancy test is positive, the IVF is in no way different from natural conception other than increased hormonal support during first few weeks.
Q If our first cycle fails, than what next?First step is to find out the cause of failed cycle-Was it less or poor quality oocyte, was there a problem in sperms, what was the grading of embryos ,how was the endometrial lining and finally if everything was fine then it could have been Implantation Failure.
If any of the above factors can be modified, then it is done by changing the protocol, if there was any problem in eggs or sperms which cannot be corrected than we move to donor eggs or donor sperms program.

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