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Your partner will provide a sperm sample (or you will obtain donor sperm) that will be specially washed and prepared for the insemination.
Getting ready for the IUI procedureBefore the intrauterine insemination procedure, you will need to visit a fertility specialist and have a pre-IUI workup.
Preparing sperm for IUIYour partner will give a sperm sample, which will be washed and prepared for the IUI procedure.
These chemicals can sometimes cause an allergic reaction in women, which could hinder pregnancy. Inserting sperm during IUIInjecting the prepared sperm into your uterus is quick and virtually painless.
Since you will be lying down for awhile after the IUI procedure, you may want to bring a friend, your partner or a good book to read while you are waiting in the exam room. Following the IUI procedureAbout a week after ovulation your doctor may have you come back to the office to check your progesterone levels. The IUI procedure for male infertilityIf male factor infertility issues are suspected before IUI, your partner will need a full male fertility evaluation, including a sperm analysis (SA), before you undergo the IUI procedure.

Before giving a sperm sample, your partner will want to abstain from ejaculation for 2-3 days.
The cost varies for artificial insemination because there are a couple different ways that it can be performed. Prior to making a commitment to having the intrauterine insemination (aka IUI) procedure to get pregnant, couples and women on their own should consider the success rates of such a procedure. Most women that are having trouble producing a baby on their own will begin the fertility process with the IUI procedure, which is an outpatient fertility treatment procedure that is less invasive than other options, such as IVF. The IUI procedure may help you get pregnant and take home a baby, particularly if you are dealing with infertility. This washing can remove potentially toxic chemicals possibly present in the sperm that your body may negatively react to.
Washing the sperm may also minimize the cramping that sometimes occurs after the IUI procedure. Having several samples will increase the number of sperm available and may improve your chances of IUI success.

This 2-3 day wait will maximize his sperm count, and help ensure that his sperm are healthy and mobile.
To optimize your chances of a healthy pregnancy, get to a healthy weight and stop drinking, smoking and using other drugs.
Two of the most common ways to having artificial insemination performed is by intracervical insemination (ICI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The doctor will assess your hormone levels to see if they are in the normal range and check to see if your uterus can support a pregnancy. By checking your uterine lining to see how thick it is, your doctor may have some clues as to whether the IUI procedure was effective.

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