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We previously gave away tickets to the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting¬†where Mami’s Time Out readers from major US markets were able to go check the movie at its premier and also take a friend with them! Naughty: Brooklyn Decker's snap is also accompanied by a cheeky catch-cry from the film, which may have audiences blushingBrooklyn Decker, is also glowing as she holds onto her a rather large belly. Her snap is also accompanied by a cheeky catch-cry from the film, which may have audiences blushing.A¬† 'I have all this extra energy. The posters are the latest in a fascinating series of drip-drip publicity releases in the run up to the picture's release on May 11.Cameron, 39, plays aspiring singer and pregnant weight loss show host Jules.

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Now the movie is getting ready to be released on DVD and three lucky Mami’s Time Out readers will win a copy of the movie. She is militant in her beliefs about what makes a good mother until she gets pregnant for the first time.True Blood's Joe Manganiello shows off his impressive set of abs in the movie.
He plays a photographer of international surfing competitions and the envy of a father support groupThe Hills and The City star Whitney Port has a cameo as herself in the movie.

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