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You will definitely want to get informed sooner than later in a multiple pregnancy, and make sure you not only find a doctor you feel comfortable with who has an amazing bedside manner, but who also agrees with your choice of birth plan. My greatest fear was the risk of having one baby born vaginally and one born via c-section. Tags: birth plan, birthing twins, breech twin delivery, c-section with twins, delivering multiples, delivering twins naturally, delivering twins vaginally, delivery a breech, delvering a breech twin, doctor for twins, emergency c-section, identical twin delivery, midwife for twins, multiple delivery, natural twin delivery, planned c-section with twins, twin birth plan, twin birth positions, twin breech birth, twin delivery, twin pregnancy complications, twin VBAC, twins in the womb, twins via c-section, vaginal breech birth. My mom had triplets vaginal yes triplets I was the first 1 out then my sister and brother where the next 2 out my mom said it was a very painful birth she said she screamed so loud they herd her down the hall.

I would assume, and my doctor backed me up on this, that some of the other roughly 45% are elective c-sections, which makes your chances better. I talk about this subject in depth if you want to see a lengthy article on the subject of birthing twins naturally. In saying that, if you are REALLY looking to have your twins via the vaginal route you have a far greater than a 1 in 2 chance, as plenty of c-sections in twins are in fact planned out of fear, or known-ahead-of-time necessity. A high risk pregnancy related issue such as certain types of identical twins, or a mother’s health issue that makes a vaginal birth too risky.

Unfortunately, you will have a very hard time, I actually found it impossible in my area anyways, to get a midwife for a twin pregnancy.
I screamed at the doctor when I said my ass hurt and she told me to put my legs back up, hold my breath and PUSH.

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