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A woman who has this surgery can no longer get pregnant (sterile). Description Tubal ligation is done in a hospital or outpatient clinic.
Or, you may have local anesthesia (awake and unable to feel pain) or spinal anesthesia (awake but unable to feel pain). The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Your surgeon will make one or two small incisions (cuts) in your belly, usually around the belly button. This helps your surgeon see your uterus and fallopian tubes. Your surgeon will insert a laparoscope (a narrow tube with a tiny camera on the end) into your belly.

The younger the woman is, the more likely it is she will regret having her tubes tied as she gets older. Tubal ligation is considered a permanent form of birth control. Some women may need to stay in the hospital overnight. You will have some tenderness and pain. Your doctor will give you a prescription for pain medicine or tell you what over-the-counter pain medicine (medicine you can buy without a prescription) you can take. After laparoscopy, many women will have shoulder pain for a few days. This is caused by the gas used in the abdomen to help the surgeon see better during the procedure.

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