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Infertility: Inability to conceive a child within two years of marriage with successful regular intercourse without use of contraceptives is defined as infertility.
Warning: The information presented in this website is not intended as a substitute for medical care. About 37 percent of births in the United States are the result of unintended pregnancies, a proportion that has remained fairly steady since 1982, according to new research from the National Center for Health Statistics, a branch of the U.S. The numbers are not surprising to many doctors and researchers, and many said it's discouraging that they have not improved in three decades. Researchers interviewed more than 12,000 women from 2006 to 2010 who had given birth to live babies.
About 23 percent of married women had an unintended pregnancy, compared with 50 percent of unmarried women who were living with their baby's father and 67 percent of unmarried women not living with the baby's father.
Nearly 77 percent of teens' pregnancies were unintended, compared with 50 percent of women ages 20 to 24 and 25 percent of women ages 25 to 44. Almost 17 percent of women with a college degree had unintended pregnancies, compared with 41 percent of women without a high school diploma. Nearly 54 percent of black women reported an unintended pregnancy, compared with 43 percent of Hispanic women and about 31 percent of white women. Previous studies have found that about half of unintended births come from ineffective use of contraception -- not wearing a condom or inappropriately taking birth control pills, for example. Some doctors say a lack of education about and access to contraception through the health care system are the prohibiting factors driving those behaviors for many women, especially teens and women with lower incomes and education. In the current study, more than one-third of women who had unintended births reported that they didn't think they could get pregnant.

The rates of unintended pregnancies have persisted even as new, more advanced contraceptive methods have been developed -- things like intrauterine devices, vaginal rings and implants that don't require remembering to take a pill every day. Nadine Peacock, an associate professor of community health sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said because more women report being sexually active long before they are ready to have children means women spend more of their reproductive lives in need of birth control than in generations past. Doctors say whether a baby is planned or not has important consequences for the health of the mother and the child.
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With in vitro fertilization, a doctor uses a needle inserted through the wall of the vagina to remove eggs from the ovary. But those methods are more expensive than other types of birth control, and many women simply may not be aware that they exist.
Mothers who have unplanned pregnancies are more likely to get little to no prenatal care, smoke cigarettes during their pregnancy and to decline to breastfeed, a practice known to have health benefits for mother and baby. Two recent studies both estimated that the cost of prenatal care, delivery and care of unintended babies in the first year of life comes to about $11 billion each year. Krishna IVF Clinic explains fertility testing for men, causes of infertility in men, and some of the treatments available for men. The needle is guided by ultrasound to reach the fluid-filled ovarian follicles that contain the eggs (A).
Primary infertility is one in which couple had no pregnancy right from the beginning of marriage and secondary infertility is that in which couple has conceived once and then gets problem in having second baby.

Once retrieved from the ovary, the eggs are combined with sperm in a petri dish (B) and placed in an incubator (C). Infertility have different causes in males and females, hormonal changes, lack of good diet, smoking, obesity, dieting, alcohol, stress, diabetes, are general causes in both sexes, in females diseases like polycystic ovarian syndrome, vaginal and uterine infection, blockage of tubes, inability to produce ova, cervical incompetence, some mechanical factors like tumors or cancers of ovaries, uterus and vagina, some autoimmune and blood disorders are causes of infertility.
If fertilization occurs, the embryos are transferred by means of a fine, ultrasound-guided cannula (D) to the uterus 3 to 5 days later (E).
In males impotence, retrograde ejaculation, mechanical blockage by tumors, prolonged exposure of testicle to heat,  un descended testes, decreased sperm count are common causes. There are numerous tests to diagnose infertility, these include blood tests, hormonal measurements, urinalysis, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans. For treating infertility there are some general measures which are advised to couples like improving diet containing vitamins, especially folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C, minerals like zinc and iron, regular mild exercise, reducing stress and depression, maintaining proper weight.
Aur jarsome (eggs) ka muaaina kia jaye.TreatmentMard aur aaurat dono ko end urologist aur gynecologist se mashwarah karna lazmi hai. Proper intercourse timings and techniques are very important, other treatment options depend upon the cause and done by infertility specialist.
Aurat ki mahwari ko regular karne kay dawai di jaye agar test se pata chala ho keh semens kam tadaad mein bante hain aur sperm paida nahin hote to mard ko human menopausal gonadotropins (HMGS) tikay lagain.Agar hypothalamus sahi kam nahi karta to (Pariodel) say adjust kar saktay hain varicosel ka noqs ho to surgery ki jaye takeh vo sahi function karay. In vitro fertilization or Test Tube Baby is the final option for infertile couple.In this page, we are going to discuss about Infertility and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.

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