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Controversial photos of a pregnant California woman lifting 75 pounds for exercise have ignited a flurry of Facebook comments as some call into question the practice of pumping iron while expecting. Now she's along 33 weeks in her pregnancy, and told ABC News she is keeping up with her practice, which makes her "feel really confident and really good" about her body. Ellison has been known to lift as much as 190 pounds before her pregnancy but is seen in photos hoisting just 75 pounds out of an abundance of caution. While her pictures, which have gained more than 16,000 comments online, have some complimenting her strength, others question if her practices are hazardous to her pregnancy.

Ellison refuses to let the detractors influence her decisions, and plans to stick with her favorite workout routine. Jacques Mortiz said that Ellison's choice to lift "is okay," but there are some limitations. She said she has not any any issues or complications with this pregnancy, which she attributes to her workouts.
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