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And can only laugh at myself as I remember the first time around… towards the end, when I really WAS huge. Regardless of what it is, I am no longer concerned that Baby Girl and I aren’t big enough.
But of course, because I stopped worrying about her size, then I started worrying about her movement. Once again, I had to remind myself to stop comparing pregnancies, get off the damn internet and stop freaking out because right on cue, just as I was starting to really get worried? You can see the ripples now, little alien jabs and punches as my stomach distorts slightly and then goes back to normal like nothing happened.

Where once I was a professional event planner and fundraiser in beautiful Southern CA, now I am a full time SAHM in a gorgeous-in-it's-own-way, semi-rural cow town in Sonoma County. Now I’m all for gaining the appropriate amount of weight for pregnancy, but putting on 4-5 pounds in a week is just uncomfortable.
She wasn’t kicking that hard and really wasn’t bothering me at all except with a few ill timed jumps on my bladder so there MUST be something wrong, right? My husband can feel her kicking and every once in a while is like, whoa, that seemed like it hurt. I even told someone at a blogging mixer that I was almost done because I only had 4 months left to go.

But growth spurts are normal and a weight gain like that could be any number of things, from normal growth to constipation or water retention. But as long as I’m not still chowing down donuts and cake at an alarming rate like I was a few weeks ago, it should all even out. After all, I’m just trying to control the cravings, eat protein and balance out my meals with fruits, veggies and healthy stuff so I can eat the brownie that I really want.

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