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So please book a time to meet with your child’s teacher to say hi, get to know each other a little and discuss some of the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead in 2016.
Thinking of enrollingIf you're considering enrolling check out our article on choosing a school for your child. Knowing your spouse, and letting them know you is one of the greatest privileges, and best way to truly strengthen your marriage, protect it from infidelity, build trust, and be more fulfilled and happy! How do you do this?  Understand their unique personality, and then ask a lot of questions!!

Testimonies"This ministry is the best men's group I have ever been part of for both spiritual growth and emotional healing. Although I am not yet back with my ex-wife, this ministry has assisted me in becoming the man God intended me to be for myself, my ex-wife, my children and others. All of our learners have begun the year with enthusiasm as they begin to tackle new opportunities on their education journey. Please discuss with your child’s teacher or contact our helpful office staff about available times.

I have been in Christian marriage small groups co-ed and for men for most of my twenty two years as a Christian. From our new entrants to our Year 6 class, all of our teachers are invested in your child’s educational success.

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