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So when it happened I was ready to tell her right away but knew there were too many risks with that – I had already had an early miscarriage with a previous pregnancy.
I knew I didn’t want to make a hoopla of sharing this news but did think something special was called for. Olivia now LOVES wearing her new big sister t-shirt. How did you share your big news with your other children, family or friends?
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You have checked and double-checked, in fact you probably tested with 3 home pregnancy kits and still aren’t sure that you believe it. See how long it takes him to get the hint when you surprise him with a funny book or movie about pregnancy.
Next time you and your husband are out at the mall or the movie theater drag him into the photobooth. Unlike planning a surprise for your guy, you don’t have to go about this announcement on your own! If you don’t have kids already, but still like the idea of the shirt doing the talking, use that Best. Please note: This and other Daily Mom articles may include sponsored advertisements, reviewed products and services, affiliate links and other forms of sponsorship.
I watched the knocked up movie with my husband and before the movie started without him noticing I put the positive test in the dvd case. I am 28 years old and I have been trying to have a baby for about 5 years, doesn’t seem to be happening.
My sister it took her 8 years to finally get pregnant with their first and now they have three beautiful kids. My husband loves to fish and a while ago I got him a 6 month subscription to Mystery Tackle Box so once a month he gets a little package of fishing lures and things. Great Gifts For MomtographerFrom smartphones to fancy digital SLRs and everything in between, moms are snapping pictures everywhere you look. Children & Sugar: The Not So Sweet SideIt's no news flash that sugar is bad for your children. It's the New Year, and you're looking for more ways to be healthy, starting with what you eat. Homemade Goldfish CrackersThe famous Goldfish crackers are probably a staple in your house if you have children. Curiosity about how to tell if your goldfish is pregnant usually comes from observing that a fish has suddenly grown big or looks like it has gotten plump very quickly.

Technically, goldfish donA?t get pregnantA?that is, carrying offspring inside the body and giving birth to live young.
Goldfish breed around the summer, after a cold winter season, in clean and toxin-free water with a temperature of about 68° F.
Knowing these signs and paying attention to your fish will ensure that your goldfish breeds successfully. We had been trying for quite some time and were almost at the point of accepting that Olivia would be our only child. Sure, you tried to make him get rid of all of those fraternity or obscure band t-shirts, but to no avail. He will assume you just want cute kissing photos but you can surprise him with your positive pregnancy test and let the photobooth do the work of capturing his reaction on film.
Fill your grocery cart with prenatal vitamins and parenting magazines and see just how long it takes him to realize what you are doing. This approach works to get his reaction without making him suspicious since he is the one holding the camera. Or during Thanksgiving sharing, mention how thankful you are for the new addition to the family.
Get the whole family together for a photo and take a few of the family smiling or making crazy faces but on the last photo say “We’re Pregnant!” Don’t get so caught up in the excitement that you forget to catch that moment on camera!
Take a cute picture of you and your husband holding your sonogram, positive pregnancy test, or a pair of empty baby shoes and put it on a bar of chocolate!
I don’t know if I can keep a secret like that from him until the first appointment but that would be an awesome idea to surprise him!! When the movie was over, I asked him to put the dvd back in the case while I went to the bathroom (this gave him a minute to let it sink in) and when I came out the bathroom the look on his face was priceless.
I know with the first one she got some type of herbal tea to help and with the second one she took omega 3 but in general I think what really helped her the first type was relaxing after she quit her job.
Curiosity and concern would be proper reactions, since fish usually eat up fish eggs, including their own, and that might not be what you want for your pets. You would be lucky if you bought a fish that was already carrying eggs inside it, but it?s not likely if the pet shop owner is looking to breed more fish to sell.
If these conditions are right, and your goldfish is exhibiting the other symptoms, then chances are, it is carrying eggs.
If you want the fish to multiply, you will need to provide the necessary care for them for optimum survival conditions. Before you start buying your nursery furniture online, you have to tell those who mean the most to you! Here we have compiled a variety of ways, some popular and some original, for you to surprise your sweetie or family with this important news.
For once you can fuel his addiction by buying your man a t-shirt that lets him, and the world, know of your surprise.
Later, you can copy the strip of photos and send them to out of town relatives and friends as your pregnancy announcement.

Let it detail your entire relationship: from friends to lovers to husband and wife, and at the end be sure to include a photo of your positive pregnancy test. Your family won’t turn down a delicious bar of chocolate and it makes your surprise even more delicious.
She can be found scouring Pinterest boards, fashion magazines and online boutiques in her spare time. So itA?s important to recognize the signs of a goldfish thatA?s ready to lay eggs, or spawn, and be prepared for it. If you forgot to ask, however, or if the goldfish was given to you, you may observe the features of the fish to know if it?s female.
It may also start refusing food; if it used to have a good appetite and suddenly doesn?t like to eat, then it may be that it will spawn soon. In the meantime, the signs given here will tip you off, so you will know how to tell if your goldfish is pregnant, and proceed from there. And there is a heck of a lot of chatter on this topic – way more than there probably needs to be.
Not only will this be an exciting reveal for them, but it is also a memento they can keep long after baby is born.
Therefore, a female goldfish does not need a male to lay eggs, but without a male to fertilize them, the eggs will not hatch. A goldfish that?s about to spawn will likely ?nest??that is, stay close to, explore, and hide among vegetation or places of shelter in its bowl or aquarium; this is its instinct kicking in to find good hatching places for its eggs. This mug requires no effort, just place it in the cupboard with his usual assortment of mugs and watch as his expression changes from confused to surprised! A fishA?s preparedness for laying eggs is determined by several factors: its gender, its age, the season, and the water temperature. Their bodies will appear larger and plumper especially around the abdomen, and their colors may look brighter. The pectoral fins of females (the fins just behind the gills) are shorter and rounder, too. To be sure, you can compare your fish with photos in books or online, or bring it to a pet shop owner or a vet. It?s harder to determine the age of a goldfish, but you can tell a mature fish from a young one by consulting books or the Internet, or asking someone knowledgeable.

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