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Sign up to receive the James Buyer Advocates newsletter to get a review of the weekend market and auction results from Mal and the team at JBA. Well, all I can say to that is that if you as a buyer think that good preparation is only about a pest and building inspection then that strengthens our negotiation position and weakens yours. We’re not suggesting you neglect pest and building inspections (for confirmation not negotiation). Preparation is the key to good negotiations and the best path to winning what usually turns out to be the fight of your life (financially and emotionally).
Most buyers don’t understand the fact that the agents have a sheet on you as long as your arm: they know your job, your income, your previous bids etc. Execution Practice: you can have all the plans in the world but if you don’t have the guts to walk into Harvey Norman and demand $100 off the Stereo Sticker price, what chance do you with a Marshall White guy?
We couldn't have done it without both of you and you made the whole process so much easier and more relaxed. If you have a social networking or webmail account, you can skip our registration process and log in safely straight away by clicking on the appropriate icon above. I was reading the Consumer Affairs piece in a recent issue of the Herald Sun where buyers were advised to get a pest and building inspection and then use it to negotiate price.

I can think of maybe two situations out of a thousand where pest and building was used to negotiate price. But we do think there are other more important ways to prepare yourself to negotiate on buying a home, in what is one of the toughest marketplaces you’ll ever come across. So many buyers are talking to the wrong people, negotiating with the doorman agent, for instance, while the deal is being done with principals elsewhere. Yet you, the unprepared buyer, have no idea as to the seller, his or her circumstances, your buying opponents and so on.
Too many negotiators look for the pot of gold and they forget the stormclouds on either side. So many people are flat out working through the one scenario – what to do at the auction – that they never even consider alternative scenarios. This home couldn't sell last year as land - a makeover and a creative campaign by Kate Strickland, 3 bidders and sold. Just try putting your hand up at an auction with Buxton’s David Hart or Jellis Craig’s Scott Patterson and ask them if you can negotiate a better deal because the roof might leak.
If you’re at the auction and there have been no bids and the agent is giving you 60 seconds to agree to a price, it’s easy to start feeling pressured and resentful towards the agent and to get caught up in playing the negotiation game rather than focusing on the prize – the property.

What happens if the property passes-in, or if someone tries to knock out your best offer with a killer bid?
But the fact is that even I do when buying (I have truly used them twice) – and so do the selling agents.
Yes – selling agents are the seventh most common client type we buy for, after home duties, GPs, other medical specialists, accountants, company directors and, surprisingly, anaesthetists. Do your research preparation so as the right decision can be made (sorry to keep repeating this). It does help to have somebody who has bought at least hundred homes, and who knows what to do under pressure when things are not happening as they were meant to. Your “professional opponent”, be it a buying agent for another buyer or selling agent for the vendor, will out-negotiate you 9 times out of 10 and if you do get to buy the home it usually will have been because your opponents wanted you to. I suppose in some circumstances it is fair to add the bank’s opinion has some importance as well.

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