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Stretch marks in pregnancy is caused due to the skin of the tummy grows and bulges out as the baby grows. During pregnancy stretch marks appear on the tummy, buttocks, thighs and breast; usually during the sixth and the seventh month but they become more visible after the delivery when the mother starts shedding weight. Previous article5 Things that Can Help You In Getting Rid Of Stretch MarksNext article5 Myths That Men Should Stop Believing Regarding Their Skin Garima SatijaThe hard working professional, who is graduated in Jouranalism and mass communication is a good listener, communicator and perhaps a good writer too. Stretch marks, light or dark, visible or not visible are really annoying if they are even present on the skin surface.
A lot researches have been done that even suggest that round 90 per cent of the women are highly worried about the stretch marks in pregnancy.

Egg white yolk that is rich in protein can also help you getting rid of pregnancy stretch marks. One of the biggest mistakes that you might do and elaborate the problem is scratch the stretch marks. You can also use them after or during the pregnancy to avoid and prevent stretch marks but it is always advisable that you consult your doctor before using any type of stretch mark removal treatment, especially during pregnancy.
During pregnancy, the skin is stretched beyond this level leaving stretch marks on the skin.
This is because the success of these treatments such as laser stretch mark removal treatment and tummy tuck or stretch mark surgery highly depends on the type of the skin. Hence try to avoid them by keeping the skin nourished with moisturizers or you may also use baby oils instead.

There is always a right time to undergo these treatments, so always consult your doctors first. Also, pregnancy stretch mark creams can cause you infections if they do not suit your skin type.

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