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Z-Compress is an energy return system that compresses to reduce the force of impact and then returns to its original form. In 2003 Zumba collaborated with Kellogs to develop a special Zumba Fitness program targeting the Hispanic.
Gradually he decided to modify and improvise the concept by using power steps from merengue, salsa and other dance forms. In 2004 the Zumba tutorials were translated into different languages and distributed worldwide for sale. One eventful day this fitness guru forgot to bring his aerobic music to his fitness centre.

He succeeded in creating his own dance routine for fitness that was not only effective but entertaining and enjoyable as well.
Many people tried and found it effective the growth story of Zumba Fitness is a history, what is present is now Zumba Fitness has over 90000 Zumba classes in 110 countries and the Zumba program has helped over 10 million people of all age size and shapes, the numbers are increasing rapidly. In 2005, the Zumba Educational division was set up to ensure the integrity and quality of the fitness product. The all-new graphics add pizzazz, while the simple silhouette gives an effortlessly sexy vibe. For the everyday Zumba® enthusiast who craves a little extra cushion and support when they break it down.

The Zumba video is an interactive video to teach beginners to dance to the Zumba music and shed that extra fat. In over 25 years the Zumba video, Zumba Songs and dance steps have sold over several million copies worldwide.

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