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If you want to leave ismiera a tip for writing this The Sims 3: University guide you can do so here. PlantSims can't be create through Create-A-Sim, but you may change your PlantSims appearence from the mirror.
PlantSims have the same life stages as normal Sims (only teens and older Sims can become PlantSims) but they don't have Hunger and Bladder motives.
Sims can become PlantSims by eating a Forbidden Fruit or take part in a science experiment at University (20% chance).
Getting Forbidden Fruit -- Search for seeds all over the town (including University neighbourhood).
Getting Forbidden Fruit -- PlantSims can't get pregnant or make normal female Sims pregnant (for male PlantSims).
Getting Forbidden Fruit -- Transform any seed into a Forbidden Fruit Seed using the Gene Splicing Experiment This experiment don't always result in the forbidden fruit; however, Sims with level 3 and higher Science Skill have a better chance of success. Getting Forbidden Fruit -- Obtained by using "Clone from Sample" (need level 9 Science skill). Forbidden Fruit -- Your Sims must have at least level 7 Gardening Skill in order to plant this fruit. Forbidden Fruit -- "Tend Garden" will harvest the fruit and store it in your Sims' inventory.
Special Abilities -- PlantSims can "Photosynthesize", which allows them to burrow under the ground to absorb energy and water.

Special Abilities -- PlantSims are able to commune with plants which have reached their first sprout. Cure -- Another option is by using "Super Spice" (can be created by do the "Herb Experiment" via the Science Research station). In general, how well Sims dive, and how likely they are to change their minds about diving once on the board, depends on their body or athletic skill. Sims who have low Body skill or are rather shy may tremble on the diving board, and may even chicken out and back off the board rather than jump. The diving board returns in The Sims 3 in Patch 42,[1] which is relevant to The Sims 3: Seasons. Sims can drench nearby Sims who are not swimming when diving into the pool, making them soaked. Successfully "Try for Baby" with PlantSims will result in having a Forbidden Fruit Seed in female Sims' inventory. A Forbidden Fruit plant only produces one fruit (or baby), and becomes barren after being harvested.
This could cause a minor problem in The Sims, as a Sim who wanted to dive would not get out of the way of a Sim who was trying to walk off the board. Sims may use the diving board autonomously, which could cause minor issues with Sims being unable to get off the board if they chickened out while another Sim was trying to use the board simultaneously. It is similar to the diving board in The Sims 2 but costs more and has some more interactions.

The Diving skill was originally available in World Adventures, which can be only gained by using the dive wells.
They must be placed by the side of a pool, but, unlike diving boards, do not stick out over the water.
With moments of bringing Mr.Jumpy Jump home, every kid in town may want to come flocking like wild ravaging wildebeest. Receiving Sims will be plagued with a 3 hour long skin discoloration, and a "Poisoned" moodlet. Diving boards, as such, do not exist in The Sims 4, but a related object, the diving stand, was introduced in The Sims 4: Get Together.
Players can put the diving board on a higher floor in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, but Sims will not jump properly, as in The Sims 2, Sims will chicken out of the board or teleport to a nearby area on the upper floor, whereas in The Sims 3, Sims will teleport to an area nearby on the upper level. The Sim who wanted to leave the board would be stuck until the Sim who wanted to dive changed his or her mind and walked away. Now with the extra Jump-Anh-Splash 8000, you've got all the latitude you need to complete cannonball annihilation. This caused Sims who try to use the diving board to reset if they already have Diving skills more than 2.[2] This glitch has been fixed in patch 50.

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