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Baby blanket???I want to make a quilt for a friend and need to know what size it should be.
Can you make a rag style baby quilt with ultra cuddle fabric?I made a rag style quilt using 100% cotton fabric for the front and ultra cuddle baby fabric as the backing. Can u make a rag baby quilt with cotton top and flannel back:?I would like to make a rag style with 8 x 8 sq.
And as a sidenote, Honeybear Lane is having its 1-year anniversary coming up, so be sure to check in at the shop from August 13th-20th for some great sales. And Heidi has made a goal of coming out with at least one new quilt design per month, so be sure to check back often. And if you don’t have a nursery yourself, can you imagine what a great baby gift this would be for a dear friend? 2 entries for this giveaways……because it never hurts to increase your chances, right? Making a baby clothes quilt is such a wonderful way of preserving those cute baby clothes that were a gift from special friends or family members or even something really special you bought for your new baby. Quilt Backing: When you have gathered the articles that you would like in the quilt, lay them out and you should be able to see a prominent or favorite color that can be used for the backing of the quilt.
Cutting the clothing: Most of the articles should be ironed (without stretching it) to get an accurate cut.

Applique: Adding a name to this baby clothes quilt can be done either by appliqueing the letters directly on top of the clothing or appliqueing the name on a strip of material and then incorporating that piece in when making your rows. Quilting your blanket: Place your quilt top on your backing trying to make sure that the seams (that you ironed open) are laying open on your backing. Quilt label: A quilt label can have important information related to why and when (date) this baby clothes quilt was made. Enjoy: You know there will be a smile on the face of the recipient of this baby clothes quilt keepsake! I’m making a baby quilt for my soon-to-be-born baby and I would like to make it like the one my mom made in the fact that she used fabric instead of batting but I need to know what fabric I should use.
First take a scissor and cut out as much of the flat area of the article that you want to use on the quilt.
Place safety pins about 4"- 6” apart all over the quilt making sure you have pinned through the backing. Is this a good material to use, and I will kind of be making it like a quilt, so I was wondering if I need to put any batting inside, or if it should be thick enough with both sides being flannel. Make sure if you do put in batting, it is fastened down or it will go to one of the sides and bunch up. Put some thought into it ahead of time by taking some pictures of your baby in some of the outfits you will be using in the baby clothes quilt and using the pictures to incorporate into the quilt or on the label that you might want to attach to this keepsake.

Add an additional 6"-8” onto your figure for each side to make sure that you will have enough fabric to turn over for the edging.
Place a iron-on fusing over the this piece and press it for several seconds.  Next lay this piece on your cutting board and using a rotary cutter, cut them into a square or rectangular piece. Another way this could be done is to cut off your backing even with the top of your quilt edge.
If you want more information on how I make the quilting hold the batting, send me a message. I just don’t know how much material to buy all together and how big to cut the squares. If you are interested in ordering a baby memory blanket from QuiltKeepsake, take a look at our Baby Clothes Quilt page. These are especially nice to use on baby clothes blankets that are 40”x 40” or small as that is the amount of satin edging that comes in a package. After all the rows have been finished, sew them together, iron all the seams opon and you have your quilt top finished.

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