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It seems like everyone I know is expecting a baby, which means I have a lot of baby items on my to-crochet list for the fall and winter. Blankets are one of the items I gift a lot, since it seems parents can never have too many. 15 FREE Christmas Crochet Patterns12 Bright & Bold Patchwork Crochet Patterns10 Simple Crochet Patterns That Any Beginner Can MakeLearning Tapestry Crochet?
There's something for every baby, from the elegant baby girl to the monkey-loving baby boy.Photo via Craftsy member TooCuteCrochet1.

Mini Hat Crocheted Baby BlanketThis is the prefect project if you're trying to de-stash your scrap yarn. If you're not feeling inspired by the colors of the sun, try another color family by mixing a light hue with a dark hue and see what you can come up with.Get the pattern »Photo via Craftsy member Poochie Baby6. Ladybug Receiving BlanketA ladybug makes everything instantly better -- well, everything except maybe dirty diapers. Just make sure you're choosing scrap yarns that are washable to make caring for this blanket simple.

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