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Successfully conceiving means getting rid of cigarette smoking, alcohol, toxic chemicals and all sorts of medications. Intercourse during a woman’s ovulation period will greatly increase chances of pregnancy. Research has revealed that sperm counts are at their peak in the morning, so it’s best to have intercourse before breakfast. The goal is not just to have a baby, but to make it in the most loving and affectionate manner, because, ultimately, it’s all about completing the family.
Often, couples misconstrue the conception process and think that pregnancy will happen immediately after they stop preventing it. A few simple fertility boosting practices can help you greatly increase chances of pregnancy…babymaking is more than simply stopping the pill.
This is why men who are trying to conceive are told to consume at lot of zinc-rich food, including whole grains, lean meat, different kinds of seafood and eggs.
The best vitamins to increase chances of pregnancy are A, C, E, folic acid, omega-3, B6 and B12, selenium, manganese and also zinc.

To increase chances of pregnancy, steer clear of caffeine-rich products like coffee, sodas and chocolate. The egg cell has a 12 to 24-hour life, after which fertilization is not likely to take place.
An OPK can detect when the luteinizing hormone is high in a woman’s urine, which is usually between 24 and 36 hours prior to actual ovulation. You will greatly increase chances of pregnancy by coinciding your sexual activity with both female ovulation and high sperm count levels of the male.
Experts say that the deepest penetration occurs through the missionary position when the male is on top. Male fertility is also enhanced by high levels of vitamin D and calcium, which are found in milk. If your doctor gives you a good multivitamin that contains all of these in one tablet, follow his advice.
If you have a pretty rigorous exercise regimen, it’s time to lay back a little as too much physical strain and low body fat can negatively affect fertility in women.

Thus, to increase chances of pregnancy, plant your seeds into the womb as early as 3 days before the egg cell’s anticipated arrival. Once you see an LH surge, you must engage in intercourse within 36 hours to increase chances of pregnancy. Deep penetration means the sperm is deposited closer to the cervix and has less distance to swim. An alternative to the OPK is monitoring the woman’s basal body temperature, which can be better understood via a BBT chart.
You can adopt any other position as long as the woman’s hips are higher than her head.

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