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If you and your partner are currently trying to get pregnant, but are having problems, it could be that you may have a low sperm count or poor sperm quality.
There are many reasons why you may have low sperm quality and volume, usually poor diet, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription medicines, stress and various other factors can play a roll in a reduced fertility level.
One of the greatest features of this 100% natural formulation is that you will never be required to make any embarrassing doctor's visits or be asked to purchase any expensive prescriptions. The directions are very simple to follow, just take 2 pills daily and within a few weeks your sperm quality and fertility levels will be greatly improved, and therefore increasing your chances of you ad your partner conceiving a child. For most women there is only a 4 day period when they can naturally CONCEIVE so the product should be taken by both parties for at least 2 weeks before this time. These statements have not been evaluated by any medical authority, and are for educational purposes only.
I got married in November, 2012 and I started TTC just after my honeymoon, however, our efforts were futile.
Dear MIMers: Should I Marry My Son’s Father Who Previously Dumped Us or Stay Single With This Man I Love? In the meantime, it is always good to make dua as any child that is due to come to earth will come by Allah's leave alone.
1) Du'a of Zakariyya (Zakariah) (as), which he made in his old age while his wife was barren. Best Wishes and may Allah grant you and your husband with the most pious, healthy, beautiful children and may they be a source of blessing for you in both this life and the next, aameen!
When my husband and I decided to get pregnant, we visited a doctor who told us that the average couple take around 1 year to get pregnant if they try three times a week - so I would not worry about conceiving just yet. I agree with Sister Z: stress releases hormones and chemicals into the body that prohibit conception (my mother was told this just before she conceived me) - and so it is important that you relax and calm down about the whole issue and let your body do what it naturally does.
Just to let you know sister it has been proven that when relations are relaxed and enjoyable the chances of conceiving are much higher than if you stress.
In all seriousness though enjoy your time with your husband - marriage changes after a baby. O Allah, help sayra to conceive, and let her have a beautiful, healthy child who will be the apple of her eye! Asalam Alaikum, sister I advice u to read surah mariam every day and fast 7 fasts and pray to Allah surely he is the answerer to all.
May Allah grant you a healthy child who will be a comfort to your eyes and a source of barakah for you in the dunya and aakhirah. I have been doing alot of research as to why some people miscarry and what causes mid bleeds and the solution i could come up with and find is that the women who tend to have low progesterone (the hormone that helps your body with pregnancy and coneption as well as helping keep the baby wel in womb) are prone to miscarrying children as their body is not healthy enough to carry a child to full term and therfore, it gives up and you miscarry.
May I also suggest that you keep pushing these Doctor's as they sometimes are lazy and don't work upto their Job roles. Salam Just to add on above comments that I have read a Dowa called Dowa Qada in which it is said that anyone reads the dowa 11 times cordially Allah Wa Subanatallah will present them with a beautiful son.
ASSALAM WALAIKUM ALLAH BLESSED ME WITH A BEAUTIFUL GIRL CHILD I AM TRYING FOR THE SECOND BABY IN NATURAL WAY WHICH DUA'S CAN HELP ME IN THIS MATTER. I have been married from the last 5 years MashAllahThe worst mistake anybody could ever do was that i had conceived twice in the beginning years bt we were not ready for the child that time and had undergone abortion. I m commenting so that people learn a lesson from my mistakes and dont ever challenge Allahs will,whatever comes your way should be accepted.I dont know whether Allah will forgive me ever or those were the only kids I had in my destiny? Problem was with me 5 years ago, I was told that i CAN'T have children, due to tube blockage, and egg problems. Anyways I didn't believe the doctors as they did make me do ivf and also suggested egg donor. By the grace of ALLAH my tubes are now open and eggs are normal, how do I know because in 2011 I got pregnant with first pregnancy and in 2012 I got pregnant with second pregnancy, and there where no signs of tube blockage.
This Seder Kabbalat Akharoot--a seder for accepting the loss of the dream for a biological child--expresses this couple's movement from despair to hope.
Reprinted by permission of the author from A Ceremonies Sampler (Woman’s Institute for Continuing Jewish Education), edited by Elizabeth Resnick Levine.

We created this ceremony to help us mourn and accept our inability to conceive a biological child, to share our disappointment with friends and family, and to enable us to move ahead with our lives after infertility. We hope to counter the insensitivity found in traditional Jewish interpretations of childlessness as a test of faith, divine punishment, or grounds for a husband to divorce his wife. With meditative music in the background, the guests read an explanation of why we chose to create the service.
We mourned the death of our dream by performing a keriah ritual [the traditional tearing of one’s clothing, or a black ribbon, after the death of a close relative], but instead of cutting a black ribbon, we cut and wore blue and pink ribbons because we will never know what the gender of our baby would have been.
Following this, everyone joined us in the recitation of the Kaddish [memorial prayer in praise of God] in both Hebrew and English. We explained the traditional significance of the following foods eaten at the shiva meal after a funeral, the Passover seder, and Rosh Hashanah: hard-boiled eggs symbolizing the lifecycle, bread symbolizing the staff of life, salt-water symbolizing the tears of our despair, horseradish symbolizing the bitterness of failure, honey symbolizing the sweetness of liberation from infertility, and wine symbolizing joy. We listed the 10 plagues of our infertility, taking a drop of wine out of the cup for each one: denial, anger, shame, marital stress, isolation from and envy of friends who have biological children, reproductive regimentation, uncompensated medical costs, depression, loss of control, and death of the dream of the firstborn.
We dipped the egg into the water and ate it to remember the tears we shed over the two miscarriages we experienced. We ended the seder with a responsive reading of a new Rosh Hashanah prayer about the qualities we hope God will help us develop in response to various life crises. We confessed that our struggle with infertility initially had strained, but subsequently had strengthened our marriage.
Lawrence Baron is a professor of history and the director of the Lipinsky Institute for Judaic Studies at San Diego State University. This is a common problem that can be addressed quickly and easily, with the use of our CONCEIVE FERTILITY PILLS FOR MEN. Our CONCEIVE FERTILITY PILLS FOR MEN formulation includes a complex combination of herbal extracts, amino acids and vitamins to help support your body's sperm production and improve your overall sperm quality, and what's more with no adverse side effects and a very high success rate. However if you suffer from any serious health concerns you should consult with your doctor before taking a course of this product.
Most couples are able to become pregnant within 3 months of taking the product particularly if both partners are taking the product. This product is not a medicine, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Meanwhile, before I got married, precisely when I was in HND 1, I met a student pastor who supposedly fortells the future and I made the worst mistake of my life by listening to him. I soon got frustrated with our futile efforts at having a baby and called this pastor guy to tell him my problems. I saw a very fair woman under the sun and the woman told me that my prayers have been answered.
Allah(swt) answered his call and gave him Yahyah (John)(as), in Al Qur'an, Surah Al-'Imran 3:38: "O my Lord! This experience can be a very playful and enjoyable time between you and your husband and can bring you very close to each other. In shaa Allah sister I hope u conceive and have a healthy baby, take it easy do not stress drink plenty of water. Also, i have read about a lady who has had issues with her cervix and she has had to have that stiched in order to carry a baby to full term. Also read namaaz and have faith in Allah as he knows best and he will grant you a child when he wishes to do so.
2012, soon after marriage ,i conceived, but had a miscarriage in 55days, after that i m unable to conceive, both i and my husbands reports are normal, and my cycle is also normal, plz.
But unfortunately, both pregnancies where terminated because, my fetus heart beat would stop in the first 6-7 weeks. We have drawn from Jewish sources that deal with themes related to barrenness, death, bondage, freedom, and transitions.
Individuals and couples who share our fate should try to personalize this service by telling about their own experiences and selecting materials that are meaningful to them. In the recesses of our minds, however, there still lingers a thought that it might have worked the next time.

We are sad as we think of our hopes for this unborn one, as in our minds we imagine what might have been. We made and ate a sandwich of horseradish, honey, and bread to signify how a bitter ending may precede a sweet beginning and that happiness and sadness are part of human existence. We read a passage about no longer considering ourselves infertile because from now on, we would define our lives according to what we do and can have, rather than according to what we don’t have (Jean W. We held up the spice-box and smelled the spices to invigorate the new spirit we now possess as we look to the future.
In this regard, we read a midrash [biblical interpretation] that tells the story of a man who planned to divorce his childless wife.
He said a man will come into my life and I will accept immediately without courting him, but that the marriage will not last because my marriage expectations will never be met. He directed me to his sister whom he called a prophetess and she told me to buy a baby boy’s cloth, write any name that I would like to call him and pray.
There are also many techniques you can try to help the process along, such as diets, ovulation kits, and so on- so read read read and don't forget to enjoy the process. Have you thought about IVF procedure where eggs can be fertalized in a dish and implanted in the uterus?
I have also approached my Doctor with this but they have told me there is no way to know until you are pregnant. Plx giv some advice , nd if u have the dual in Arabic I wud really appreciate, jaxaakallah khair!
Creating the service together proved to be as healing to us as conducting it before a group of our friends and relatives.
Thus, Seder Kabbalat Ahkaroot signifies the order of rituals for crying out against, consoling ourselves about, and ultimately accepting the loss of our dream to have a biological child. Carter and Michael Carter, Sweet Grapes: How to Stop Being Infertile and Start Living Again, pp. The CONCEIVE products also contains some natural aphrodisiacs to assist your natural arousal and sexual desire, to help you perform at your best and increase your desire for sex during this demanding time. I had BP issues during pregnancy because my mind was not at rest and since I had my baby boy in April 2015, he has been behaving somehow.
I suggest if you have not done so to go to your doctors and ask about this, I am not a Doctor but i do spend my free time looking these things up.
Everyone recited the blessing over fire and the final Havdalah blessing as the candle was extinguished in a full cup of wine that overflowed like the full life we hope to lead. At the party, the man told his wife to keep whatever item in his house was most precious to her. If you are on medication or suffer any major health concerns, review the product with your doctor first.
He is 10 months old now but he behaves like an adult – he listens to conversations, he becomes fussy when my hubby touches me in his presence, and whenever we make love, even if he is not there with us, he will wake up and start shouting.
Use this time to get closer to your husband - spend lots of time together, be loving to one another and make your time together enjoyable.
Inshallah this helps you and may Allah SWT accept your dua's and grant you a healthy baby ameen. May Allah fulfil the prayers of all those women who are desperate for a child but struggling to conceive. After he drank too much wine and fell asleep, his wife ordered her servants to carry him to her father’s house.
But make sure the approach to intimacy is done properly none of this - "Im ovulating" stuff it apparently is a passion killer. Insha'Allah they will advise you on things such as 'the best times to try', what to eat, how to stay healthy etc.

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