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Rihanna has shot down those pregnancy rumours in the only way she knows how - by getting her kit off. The singer was at the centre of reports she was carrying Chris Brown's baby last week, but has seemingly denied she is with child by showing off her bumpless stomach, posing in her bikini for some Instagram snaps.
However, still keen to show off her motherly credentials, she posed with a pal's adorable tot as she lazed around the pool.
The star is currently in Florida as part of her Diamonds world tour, where she has also been celebrating 'World Weed Day'.
She posted a photo on Instagram of herself smoking a suspicious looking cigarette, next to a cake that was designed to look like a Marijuana leaf. Later that evening, she paid a visit to the King of Diamonds strip club, where she took snaps of herself throwing wads of cash at strippers.
Wearing a flesh-flashing outfit, which again showed off those abs, she then moved on to the South Beach nightclub until 3am. We think it's pretty safe to say that we won't be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet any time soon then. RiRi hit back at fans who dared to question what the suspicious white powder on top of the man's head was in a photo she posted at Coachella Festival, labelling them 'pathetic c*nts'.
You get more awesome presents on our birthday – because real talk, BFFs give the best prezzies.

It really rounds out a dance party to have multiple best friend voices singing for ultimate harmony. Not only will one BFF always laugh at your jokes, but a chorus of laughter will erupt from all your besties.
It increases the odds one of your BFFs will become famous, and then you’ll have a famous best friend.
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