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Get our free weekly newsletter and MoneySchool: Our FREE 7-day course that will help you make immediate progress on the money goals you’re working toward right now. Of course now that I’m a daddy, my 18-month old daughter Molly is my world. But becoming a parent was something I simply could not imagine before it happened. Enjoy these things while you can, because once you have a baby, you’ll say goodbye to a lot of freedom, free time, and free cash. When you start to look at all those factors, however, you can always find some reason you’re not ready to have kids.
At the risk of oversimplifying the answer to a complex question, I think that if you’re even taking the time to wonder if you’re financially ready to have a baby…you are better prepared than most.
Trying to pin this down is like talking about wedding costs in terms of the average wedding (about $29,000). One thing is for sure, if your budget is already stretched without a baby, adding one to the family will put a strain on your finances. You can plan for this time by saving accrued vacation and sick days, but realize that you may face several weeks or more without the income to which you’re accustomed. To be fair, we’re lucky enough to live comfortably and afford luxuries like a second stroller for easier travel and a carseat for each car. Term life insurance is the least expensive and the best choice…you can buy it online or through a local independent insurance agent. You may also want to purchase long-term disability insurance which can replace a portion of your income if you suffer an injury or illness that prevents you from working. Money Under 30 has everything you need to know about money, written by real people who've been there. Knowledge is power; and this book will  help you to become an expert patient, thus maximising your chances of success !
One of the commonest questions patients ask me is - " Doctor, what are the dos and don'ts after the embryo transfer ? You already know the basics, you’ve thought about the cost of raising children and wonder logistically how you could possibly handle all you do now with another baby. I believe in living within your means and being fiscally responsible, and I’m sure Suze Orman would disagree with me, but budget isn’t really the biggest factor, is it?
Times are tough, many families’ incomes are static, costs are rising, only you can evaluate if you truly cannot afford another baby, or if it might be tight but doable with some creativity. Juggling another child will be challenging at first, but eventually another new normal will fall into place. The older kids will adjust to a new family member, kids are so very resilient, and you will find and make time to hold and love each of your babies, big and small. When one spouse is adamant and the other wishy washy, when neither one can commit either way, when each partner is on opposite sides of the question, or when it changes from one day to the next, how do you handle it? 11 questions to help you decide – You could use some of these in your talks with your spouse, or journal about them. Jane, I’m happy to hear you were able to apply this to the first time around decision-making, too! Thanks for the reply Idecesare, yes what I have is amazing indeed as it easily could not have been! I have a 2 and 4 yr old and as much as I want a 3rd one I fear about the future about my ability to provide for them and to give them a quality life.
Regret is painful but if we use the information and act on what we have to work with, we can look back knowing we did what was right and true for us in that moment, at that point in time. So often, the answer is sitting in front of us but we may try to justify it away or try to turn it to something else we think we want it to be.
Bottom line – whatever you decide will be the right thing with how you feel and what you know right now.
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Culturally-induced desires can be so strong that they seem to be biological, but no evolutionary mechanism for an instinct to breed exists.
Looking to our evolutionary roots, imagine Homo erectus feeling the urge to create a new human.
Their real reasons are given in the middle, and alternatives to breeding for those reasons are given to the right. Although nearly half of conceptions are unintended, a desire to conform to what society considers normal is probably the number one cause of wanted pregnancies.
International recognition of our basic human right to not breed in the POLITICS section of this site. Percentage of women using any modern method of contraception among those aged 15-49 who are married or in a union. If you were ruler of the world, where would the contraceptive pressure gauge arrow point when you announced your global family planning policy? For example: “How will I feed this baby?” But the mere fact that you’re reading this article means you are probably putting some serious thought into the decision to have children.

But to help put the cost of having a baby in perspective, here are some of the costs we experienced from the first year and a half of parenthood.
When Lauren was pregnant she was working for the State of Maine, and we were lucky to be covered by her Cadillac health insurance plan.
You should prepare to limit your expenses during this time or, if you must, prepare to draw on your emergency fund. I’ll venture a guess at about $2,000, but I’m not including clothes and consumables, which we’ll get to. Obviously you can get by with less, but I would guess that any new parent is looking at about $500-$1,000 in essential baby gear. When you have kids, working parents face an enormous choice: give up one source of income to stay home or continue working and put your baby in daycare. You don’t need life insurance until somebody depends on your income (a non-employed spouse or a child). A healthy, non-smoking 30-year old should be able to buy a $500,000 30-year term policy for less than $50 a month. Rates vary based by age, health, occupation, and “elimination period”, how many months you can live off your own savings before benefits kick in.
When you have a kid, dates with your partner and nights out with friends get a heck of a lot more expensive if you have to add a babysitter to the bill. If you think higher education is expensive now, the projected average cost of a four-year college education in 20 years will make your head spin: $89,093 (2009 dollars) for four years according to a New York Times college cost calculator. Enter your email to receive our free weekly newsletter and MoneySchool, our free 7-day course that will help you make immediate progress on whatever money challenge you're facing right now.
He's a cited authority on personal finance and the unique money issues we face during our first two decades as adults.
This is an intimately personal choice, everyone and every circumstance is different, of course, but the kinds of things that go into this decision are often quite similar. It’s tough to sign up for another pregnancy when you look ahead at going through sleep deprivation, being tied down for nap schedules and managing babyhood, all while ALSO dealing with the needs of toddlers and school-aged kids. Your kids are walking on their own, maybe they’re all even going to the bathroom by themselves.
I’d venture to say that most women and couples explore the idea to have another baby at some point.
If I could create a cartoon to depict myself I would literally be pulled back and forth from two extremes …. suffering from whiplash! You’ll learn tips and tricks like baby-wearing to chaperone a preschool field trip and having older kids hang onto your pocket to stick with you in the store. They are natural to worry about and plan for, but they don’t last long enough to give them much voting power in this decision. Have you envisioned four kids your whole life and are suddenly contemplating stopping at two, but something’s still gnawing at you?
If I go into a restaurant with the idea of having salmon, but then someone else orders the butternut squash ravioli and since it sounds good, I switch my order when the waitress comes, I’m almost always disappointed. Maybe you feel settled and satisfied with your two little guys even though you thought you’d want three.
A woman in her 70’s told us, “You’ll never regret having another baby, but you may regret NOT having another.” Though my family was whole by then, those words struck me, I pondered them and can see their wisdom. While you can read articles and personal accounts, while you can be open to others’ insights and look up research on scientifically ideal family spacing, no one can make this choice for you.
As a mum of a 12 and a 7 year old and at the age of 39, I truly feel my days of having a third one are over!
Sometimes we take decisions like these for granted and think its only matter of our choice and convineance.
The environmental impact of disposable diapers is heavy, but we are adults much longer than we are children.
He then has to understand that a cavewoman is needed, sexual intercourse must be engaged in, and they will have to wait nine months.
Human infants are vulnerable for so long that their survival, in prehistoric times, may have depended on a strong pair bond between parents. Ask someone why they plan to create another of themselves, and theya€™ll most likely offer one of the reasons listed in the chart below.
In extreme cases, shunning and even death await women who fail to produce an heir—preferably male. Hundreds of millions of couples are denied their basic human right to stop creating more children than they want or can care for. Our out-of-pocket healthcare costs for the entire pregnancy and childbirth totaled only $250. Here’s a sample of some of the stuff we’ve acquired for just one kid in just 18 months: a crib, a pack-‘n-play, two strollers, four carseats, a Moses basket, several types of bouncy seats, a changing table, a diaper bag, sippy cups and snack traps, bottles and binkies, burp cloths and a Diaper Genie. Again, there’s a way around this: mom can breastfeed which is supposed to be better for the baby anyway.
If you will both continue to work and are adding daycare to your budget, prepare for a shock: the cost of full-time childcare can be akin to a mortgage payment.

Should you die, you don’t want your surviving spouse to worry about paying for living and childcare expenses without your income.
On the other hand, scheduling and paying a babysitter may force you to go out less and help your bottom line. And although nothing can prepare you for the challenges and joys of becoming a parent, you can prepare financially. Nap times are extinct, diaper bags have been donated and you’re sleeping through the night (most of the time). With each addition to a family, everyone’s roles shift and change, there is always a transition. Sometimes sticking with your initial desire matters and this is certainly more important when we’re talking babies vs. Sometimes your ideas change once exposed to the reality of what having kids means or simply because what you have feels right. I was inspired to write that post because of friends who were struggling to decide for many of the same reasons you mentioned. I am trying to get back to my normal life and I am sure in few years time will be able to cope better when my kids will be truely in their teen years!
And until we can see into the future, we have to check in with our heart, gut, and head and make the best possible decision with what is before us now.
A baby condor may not be as cute as a baby human, but we must choose to forgo one if the others are to survive.
Bonobos, perhaps our closest biological relative, are reported to engage in sex for social reasons more than for reproductive reasons.
Ita€™s so pervasive that we dona€™t realize wea€™ve been indoctrinated by society to act against our own best interests. To put in perspective how awesome this was, in 2009 the average cost of a hospital vaginal childbirth without complications in the United States was $9,617, according to Childbirth Connection. Lauren did this for the first few months until she went back to work at which point we began buying formula at a cost of roughly $25 for a can of powder which lasted about a week, give or take. We pay about $1,200 a month, which is high, but daycare costs can get even higher in some states. Should your little one have special medical needs, however, you may face more out-of-pocket expenses. So for anybody who wants to foot the entire tuition bill for a baby born today, that means saving at least $300 a month every month for the next 22 years and hoping for at least a 7 percent annual return. Essentially, that means having something set aside and making room in your budget for new expenses. If you want kids, you don’t have to put them off until you’ve banked $100 grand.
Then when I was pregnant with our third baby, someone actually said to me, “Oh, why would you do that? So it’s hard to think about going back to square one just when you’ve really got a rhythm to your daily life. I feel when my kids were little we could not think of it because of our responsibilities financially and towards our families. I’m a big believer in gratitude and appreciating where we are right now AND in the fact that you made the best choices for your family with what you knew and felt at that time.
I don’t work never did having enough money to go around is important health issues education always are there. There are too many who have never felt that urge: mutations dona€™t occur in this high a percentage of a population. Our condo was cramped with just the two of us with little room for a little one to move around. Again, we were able to find a generic brand that Molly liked that cut this figure in half, but our cost was still about $55 a month. Fortunately it’s easy to save on clothes by asking relatives for hand-me-downs and shopping at widely available kids’ consignment shops. Still, the alternative can be even more traumatic to your bottom line; unless you’re already in the habit of saving one partner’s entire paycheck, suddenly going from two paychecks to one will take some adjustment. But having a stable income, health insurance, emergency savings, and room in your budget for diapers will help you spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying your new family.
Even with health insurance, some plans may require you meet your deductible for childbirth expenses, meaning bills of $1,000-$2,000 or more.
Create a safe and open space to share what having another baby, or not having another baby, means to each of you.
Seems like every one I know has gone or going for three kids and I feel bad for not providing my kids another sibling. Talk and talk some more, seeking clarification and ultimately, an in-sync decision to have or not to have. I regret it now God knows how will I be in 10 years time when both of my kids will probably be out of the house!

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