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During the first trimester of pregnancy, female Sims will experience morning sickness the morning after they have tried for a baby (sometimes in the middle of the night).
You can only see the bulging abdomen if you zoom in - (In the Sims 2, the Sim will not be visibly pregnant). During the first trimester, the pregnant female Sim cannot can't leap into other Sim's arms and other Sims cannot leap into the pregnant Sim's arms. At some point of the current day A Female Sim in the second trimester of pregnancy with their partner. If your pregnant Sim works, they will be on maternity leave and the Sim will get days off for the pregnancy and the arrival of a new baby Sim.
The bulge will not be existent like the Sims 2 but progressively grows larger when you have Story Progression activated. For the pregnant Sim's partners, there will be new actions "Feel Tummy", "Listen to Tummy", "Talk to Tummy" and the pregnant Sim can "Ask to Feel Tummy" to other Sims. Mum-to-be Sims can also expect food cravings and they may have eating food as their wishes (for example "Eat Goopy Carbonara"). The Third Trimester also lasts '1 day' and is the last day of a Sim's pregnancy before the birth.
During the labor, the pregnant Sim cannot use anything but the only interaction available for them is "Go to Hospital." The partner can also go to hospital but it will say "Take to Hospital" - meaning the partner can take their pregnant partner to hospital. To know when your Sim is in labor, a pop-up will appear at the top right corner of your screen saying "The baby is coming! If the birth takes place at the hospital, you will not be able to see anything but you can hear the birth.
But if the birth happens at home or at a community lot, the pregnant Sim will scream for a while but eventually she will turn on the spot and BAM! There are many ways to look after a newborn Sim, just like there are many ways to look after a baby in real life. If you don't care for these newborns, your Sims will get an unpleasant visit from the Social Worker, who takes away your baby for good.

Toddlers are the second stage of a Sim's life and the phase of an offspring's early education before elementary school.
The second step of caring for a toddler is educating them to walk and talk and even potty train them.
I just can't wait until I see another bro working out throwing a party and then dying of laughter! Just preparing myself for tomorrows avalanche of nonsensical posts about what little the campers learned from camp last week. The pregnant Sim and their partner can also announce the pregnancy to other Sims in the neighbourhood. They also cannot do yoga (The Sims 2) or work-out in front of the stereo but they can still work out in front of the television. Once the birth has taken place, a screen will appear with a short description saying if the pregnancy went well with both mother and baby or not. Just go onto Buy Mode, find the icon with the teddy on top of the cot and browse for cute baby furniture or decorations that you might want for your newborn. When the big day arrives, buy a birthday cake, get balloons from Buy Mode and throw a party.
Toddlers will still use the cot but can now use the high chair, toys and potty chair (All available in Buy Mode). To teach them to walk and talk, click on the toddler to access the pie menu and choose either "Teach to Walk" or "Teach to Walk". Depending on their upbringing and early education, you can pick the toddler's trait if your Sims educated their toddler and raised them perfectly.
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The combined efforts of pregnancy and working out will be hard on the Sim's motives, but this does not appear to pose any other risk. A baby will only need a cot, but some players may decide to buy toys and the high chair and cute decorations.
Make sure your guests have a good time and that your newborn has grown into a gurgling toddler. Also feed them their bottle either on the floor or in their high chair and put them in their cot when they are sleepy so they can go to sleep. To potty train them, click on a nearby potty chair and choose "Potty Train Toddler" (The toddler's name will appear). HD Wallpaper and background images in the The Sims 3 club tagged: screenshots sims 3 baby cole toddler. The other members of the household will tend to be near the pregnant and in labor Sim and panic loudly. Your Sims can even care for the newborn Sim by feeding them their daily bottle and tucking them into their cots when they are sleepy. Just like the newborn Sim stage, toddlers will still need love an A toddler Sim in CAS. But you can always change the random trait by using the testingcheatsenabled true cheat and then press Ctrl and click on the toddler at the same time to access the pie menu and go on "Modify Current Traits". There is a success rate of the female Sim becoming pregnant - 0% meaning no chance and 100% meaning yes, there's a possible chance. To know if your female Sim has a good chance of becoming pregnant, a lullaby song will play during your couple Sims trying for baby.

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