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It is all-natural and effective in preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the belly.
So you can breastfeed and do crunches until your heart’s content but if you don’t combine that with healthy eating, it will all be for not. If you’re being good and doing all of the above things, but you’d still like some outside help there are many options such as pills and stabilizing shorts. There are obviously many ways to get rid of your pregnancy belly, but the important thing is to keep it simple and be persistent. 4-Squating help the pregnant female to get rid of constipation, and your baby will be in the proper lie, and they will help in labour. First, use your arms to push against the floor and sit down, then bend your knees and slowly elevate yourself using your knee as a support one after the other. Open your legs as far as possible to support your weight, then bend your knees slowly while keeping your back straight, then after picking up things elevate yourself same as before, and for better result, hold something to support you while standing.
4-To protect the good condition of pelvic muscles, joints… which become lose during pregnancy because of its hormone.
10-To keep self respect and confidence of the mother, these exercises help the mother to recover rapidly after delivery, and decrease post partum complication. Before you start to does any exercise consult your doctor regarding any problem face you and do not do exercise once you feel tired and exhausted. Continue the cocoa butter application a few times daily as part of your regular skin care regimen.

According to the Mayo Clinic site, Retin-A helps to reconstruct skin collagen and to return the skin to its natural texture.
Laser surfacing will help remove the stretch marks for life, leaving you with no trace of them.
The stretch marks will lessen and eventually vanish after a series of dedicated applications. Constant use of Vitamin E oil will help lighten stretch marks, including those from previous pregnancies. It is suggested by dermatologists that taking at least 500 mg of vitamin C supplement plus fresh fruits can help decrease the visibility of stretch marks. You’re attached at the hip anyway, so why not use your little one to assist you in achieving your goal? At the beginning try to exercise 1-2 times daily then increase it to 5 times then up to 10 times, if you feel pain in your muscle or joint decrease the number, exercise in a room with good ventilation and wear comfortable clothes. These visible marks may be whitish in color (for those who are lucky) or purple-red (for those who are not so lucky) and accumulate over the nine months of pregnancy.
It is best to apply this cream to the affected area after your postpartum check-up or when the stretch marks are still new. If you often hear horror stories regarding stretch marks from your next of kin, you are likely to develop them.
But from a weight-loss standpoint, the average breastfeeding mother burns an extra 500 calories a day.

Just eat fresh, homemade meals with a lot of variety and omit fast-foods, added sugars, and processed foods. Apply the solution to the affected area once in the morning and one more time just before bedtime.
Tell your doctor that you are using it in case he has some precautions, especially if you are breastfeeding. Note, however, that these solutions are prohibited during pregnancy and while breastfeeding due to their possible effects on the child.
Protect yourself by following the above tips on how to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy. This doesn’t mean you can continue to eat for two, but you can count on that calorie burning help when it comes to your goal. You can do it on your own by just going for a walk with baby in stroller or carrier, or by following along with a mommy and me exercise DVD. Just be for warned; when you do switch your baby to formula, be sure to cut your calorie intake or exercise more, or you will notice a bit of a weight backlash. You can also do this in a group setting by joining stroller strides or a mommy and me group.

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