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When I was a senior in high school, Dad did me proud: he bought me a 1953 Cadillac, dark green. I dona€™t recall what happened to this gem, but I do recall starting college without a car.
Along about my third year in college, I guess in response to my pining for a sports car, Dad bought me a Steudebaker Silver Hawk.

I was glad to get rid of the car being that the transmission had locked up, and we had obtained a a€?73 Chevrolet pickup which had been one of Dada€™s company trucks.
In 1969 we must have felt rich because we bought a brand new car: silver over blue Cutlass Supreme.
Ia€™ve never spent much on transportation: since a€?67 when I bought that a€?57 Ford, I figure Ia€™ve paid around $45,000 for vehicles.

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