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Actress Jennifer Garner’s recent announcement that she has a “baby bump” has spread like wildfire through social media. What this tells me is people need to stop obsessing over that bump and instead start focusing on eating healthy and exercising — in other words, living a healthy lifestyle and being a good role model for those kids who created the baby bump in the first place. The latest medical information to help you make informed decisions about you and your family's health and health care.
Holly showed off her four and a half month, tiny baby bump and perfectly toned legs in a stunning, emerald green gown.

We think Holly looks absolutely stunning in her green dress — now, that’s the way to wear maternity wear!
4 in Las Vegas to unveil the James Bond tuxedo Daniel Craig wears in the new Skyfall movie. The way I see it, it took nine months to grow that belly so it’s going to take a little while for it to go away. There is no easy answer as to why one person will have a larger bump than another, or one person may not have one at all.

That’s because Garner took pride in announcing that no, she wasn’t pregnant — the baby bump is from her past pregnancies and it’s here to stay.

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