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I didn't actually try until 2011, but got pregnant probably about two weeks after I came off my contraceptive pill. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. It ended in a miscarriage but they don't think it was related to endo but rather an undetected thyroid problem. My specialist told me I could still have children after he removed one ovary and fallopian tube.

I had a laparotomy 3 weeks ago and my doctor said I could try to conceive but I am a bit worried it may be too quick to try to conceive. After the surgery, my doctor gave us 2 months to conceive or we would have to more on to fertility treatments. I'm not sure how the endometriosis would affect fertility and conditions within the baby factory, but without this, I'd say you have NO problem as long as you were able to conceive in the first place.
I'm pretty sure I would have sprung a football team if I had not been very careful NOT to get pregnant.

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