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Whenever you plan to get pregnant, the most important thing on your part should be to take an extremely healthy diet rich in good nutrients. If you are on a specific diet or a crash diet for weight loss it is advisable to stop doing it immediately.
Needless to say, the most important procedure before you think to plan baby or when you are trying to conceive would be to stop using any contraceptive that you might be using to prevent child birth till now. Especially if you have been using a contraceptive pill, you need to stop using that and adopt a different barrier method such as diaphragm or condoms. This measure should be taken at least three months prior to your planned month of conception. If your current lifestyle is not a healthy one and you adopt a mad pace of working, then it is better to change and modify it before you start your conception planning. Exercising is also essential for a perfect hormonal balance that plays a major role in regulating a reproduction cycle.
Before you conceive it is important to ask your doctor to keep a check on your medications if any. Also be careful about any creams, sprays or coloring chemical you have been using at that stage which can be harmful to the fetus. Female infertility is a more common cause of concern as it may result from ovulation dysfunctioning or problems with the reproductive organs like a blocked fallopian tube or uterine abnormality.
Other male infertility problems may include deformity of testicles, defects in penis, blocked transport ducts etc. Another important aspect before conception is to check whether you have a previous history of miscarriages.
Other causes of a miscarriage could be hypertension, kidney disease, and hormonal imbalance, use of some drugs, fibroids or a weak cervix. You and your partner need to go for a complete medical check up to rule out any potential risks of genetic diseases.
Even though a lot of genetic abnormality cannot be tested before conception, the chances of the same can be controlled to some extent. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Go for stress relieving techniques like yoga and meditation to ward off stress from your life and remain happy.

There are various kinds of herbs which are considered to be helpful in dealing with the problem of infertility. Intake of caffeine should be avoided, if you want to conceive early and in a healthy manner.
Consumption of alcohol is also very risky for the health and reduces the chances of conceiving. A good diet plays an unimaginably huge role in maintain excellent preconception health and ensures a good foundation for a healthy pregnancy. It doesn’t mean that you have to overeat but plan a healthy meal plan that includes a rich and balanced breakfast, a sumptuous lunch and a light evening dinner.
Have plenty of whole grains, green vegetables, colored fruits and vegetables and dairy products to suffice any nutritional deficiency.
This is necessary to get your reproduction cycle back to normal and let it follow the normal pattern of hormone balancing and egg productions.
Conceiving a baby might not be an easy task for most of the couples sometimes it takes almost a year of planning before you can conceive a child. The first step towards a lifestyle modification is to indulge your body in some kind of physical activity. Also if you and your partner are into smoking or drinking habits it is better to curb down immediately.
If you are taking treatment or medicines for any chronic condition it becomes important for you to inform your physician about you attempting to plan a baby. If you are undergoing some dental problem or treatment, its better to let the dentist know so that he may differ alters the dosage and would keep you away from anesthetic drugs during the treatment. If you have been planning a pregnancy for at least 12 months and are not being able to conceive then your doctor might advice you to go for a series of infertility tests. A low sperm count (Oligospermia) or defective sperms may be a result of hormonal abnormality or poor lifestyle and eating habits. Both the partners have to go for a primary examination and tests to rule out any infertility problem, that can be further cured and treated with medications or sometimes surgery. A miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion may occur in 15-20 % of pregnancies, most often before week 12. Although a next chance of pregnancy is not affected with a previous miscarriage, but you have to be careful before the conception of the next one. Your medical practitioner will ask you the family history of diseases or ailments that may pass on to your baby easily.

If your current age is above 35 your risk give a birth to a baby with down’s syndrome increases by 1 in 300. Here are quatern tricks to make it Sir Thomas More in all probability that you'll conceive soon after you You're more likely to get a successful pregnancy if your body is up for the Contraception should. Are you frustrated, or feeling angry for not being able to conceive despite all your efforts?
These foods are enriched with all the essential minerals and vitamins to improve your health. So, make sure to include foods that are enriched with these essential minerals, so as to increase the fertility rate. If you are unaware of your ovulation period, then you should try to have sex with your partner at least thrice in a week.This would help in increasing your chances of getting pregnant in a natural way. It is important for both the partners to play an equivalent role while planning a conception. It is a series of constant efforts and painstaking efforts that leads to a safe conception.
Smoking especially is hazardous for your baby and also for your overall reproductive health too. A lot of painkilling medicines and some antibiotics are not safe and can be potentially dangerous to the baby if you conceive at that time.
Tell your doctor about the previous incident and he might put you on a supplement or medicines to avoid the risks of a preterm abortion. Subsequently you've been victimization birth control for awhile it may take your body a how to get pregnant fast after having a baby few cycles to starting line ovulating regularly and represent primed for maternity he says.
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