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This stock medical illustration series features nine images depicting the development and growth of a fetus during pregnancy.
Incoming search terms:fetal developmentpregnancy chartpregnancy growth chartfetal development week by weekfetal growthpregnancy developmentfetus developmentgrowth and developmentPREGNANCY CHART BY WEEKSpregnancy week by week fetal development picturesWelcome to Awinsjclarke Blog! Jeez why is Percy’s head so misshapen and annabeth looks creepy and percy looks chubby. Seriously, if I didn’t know they were Percy and Annabeth you would never hve guessed who they are! Are you saying the fan art looks like the movie counterparts or the official art looks like the movie counterparts?

This medical chart covers the following developmental weeks: 9, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, and 40, providing crown to rump (CR) measurements in millimeters for each developmental stage. Percy is supposed to be super fit and good looking and annabeth is supposed to be pretty too not looking all wierd like that. The guy who is SUPPOSED to be Percy looks like Frank, and Annabeth has a creepy-stalker expression!! Not much taller, but yeah… And is it just me or do the both look too, how should I put it… full?
Percy is not a bodybuilder, plus he is wearing a sweater, of course you won’t see a six-pack.

I mean I look like that drawing of Annabeth (comparing weight), but they work out, like, every day!

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