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With so many vendors to coordinate and so many details to get right, wedding planning can become a bit challenging.
If you tell your florist that your ‘maids are wearing light blue, there’s no guarantee that his or her idea of light blue is the same as yours.
There’s a reason why there are so many professional (and expensive) wedding planners out there, and that’s because it’s hard work!
We’ve seen many brides carry her Maid of Honor’s dress to different vendors for color coordination, but we all know it can take weeks (and sometimes even months) for that gown to arrive. Don’t provide your vendors or groomsmen with a digital photo of your chosen color—you’re never going to get seamless coordination or cohesion that way.
Unlike other trendy colors at the moment – I’m looking at you, blush pink – this dusty blue looks great with all skin tones.
If you like the idea of slate but don’t want all of your girls to be in the same shade, don’t worry! If peach isn’t your thing, try it with our mint, and blush pink to create a chic, contemporary, and complimentary color palette. Another bridesmaid trend is to mix and match colors and dress styles to create a more personalized and eclectic look.
You can also incorporate the dusty color with grays and light blue, or with lighter purples and pinks.
I know we’re talking about bridesmaid dresses here, but slate is also a great color on the guys standing by your groom.
I personally love our chiffon fabric in the dusty slate blue tone, because it’s so airy and chic. Oftentimes, the standard bridesmaid dress is pictured as an A-line, flowing chiffon number that’s stylish yet also pretty simple. Like fabric types, a variety of different accessory styles and types will be fabulous with the shade. I love how clean and minimal the hue is, but I also love how complimentary and malleable the color is as well. This wedding planning guide outlines all of the most important questions you should be asking each of your vendors when you sit down with them. When you're searching for the perfect venue, forgetting to ask an important question could mean ending up with a site that's missing a key element, or ending up with a hefty charge at the end of the night. Pictures preserve memories for years to come and will be shared with your friends family and loved ones. A beautiful invitation is the first thing your wedding guests will likely see in regards to your big day, so make sure everything is absolutely perfect! Now that you have your question list, we're hoping this will help ease the planning process for you! Take the unnecessary stress out of bridesmaid dress shopping and try on your favorite styles in the comfort of your own home! Here’s an example of how to determine your size based off of your measurements – If your bust measurement is 34.5” that would put you in between a size 4 and 6.
Sometimes your measurements may be all over the board, so you’ll want to make sure you’re following our measurement guide when taking them and please do not hesitate to contact us if you are questioning your size – we love to help our customers out! So, how much easier does it sound to be able to do an AHTO order for each of these out of town girls, and then one (together) for your local ladies?? I’m sure you’ve been eagerly dreaming about your big day long before you had an engagement ring on your finger, but the excitement of being a bride multiplies with each day that you are planning for a wedding. I’m getting married tomorrow!” will bring you a sense of joy rather than stress, it’s necessary to know that everything is aligned in order to make your nuptials go smoothly. Emergency Kit – check out our Ulitimate Wedding Emergency Kit to ensure you don’t forget anything! Give checks to someone to ensure all of your vendors are paid on time – a family member or reliable friend is always a good choice here. I hope that these tips will save you some stress and keep you from feeling frazzled on the day before your big day. Being a bride means that you get the fun task of making tons of different decisions — decisions that not only affect yourself, but your friends as well. Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your girls can be a tough decision – but it can also be a ton of fun! Consider the style of your bridal gown. You truly are the star of the show, but you definitely want to make sure your look coordinates with your girls. Be mindful of dress color and skin tones. I bet you can name three colors off the top of your head that don’t go particularly well with your skin. Keep the weather in mind. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a particular look that you saw on Pinterest, until the actual wedding day comes and you realize that all of your ‘maids are either freezing or overheating. Price does matter. We all know that the bride and groom have a set budget, but often we forget how much bridesmaids actually invest in the whole process. Ask them what they want to wear and be open to ideas. Your ‘maids are going to have opinions on the bridal party attire and so are you. Give your girls some responsibility. As the bride, your ‘maids are there to help you whenever you might need a little bit taken off of your wedding planning plate.
The process of choosing your bridesmaid dresses is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for you and your ‘maids!
Slate blue is another hot color, but will it look good with your favorite metallic and your florals? Once you’ve decided on your favorite Kennedy Blue designs, we recommend ordering a color swatch.
Avoid any confusion and eliminate any chance of disappointment by showing your exact color to your vendors. If you want your groomsmen to match their ties, vests, or pocket squares to your bridesmaid dresses, make sure they have a swatch with them when they order their accessories.
If you’re doing it all yourself, we suggest taking any small steps you can to make the task a little bit easier and a little bit more enjoyable. You can’t put off planning all of the little details of your wedding until the dress arrives, and when it does come in, do you really want to run the risk of ruining it because you’re carrying it to and from vendors all over town? However, there are some hues that are just as classic as they are stylish, which means they will fit the trends of today while remaining timeless for years to come.
From informal to formal ceremonies, different dress styles, skin tones, and even different color palettes, the hue will complement everything and everyone! The muted quality and neutral tone creates a soft appearance that will flatter all of your girls. Because it is such a clean, minimal, and chic color, it won’t compete with fancier gown designs.
Think of the color as more of a spectrum – dusty blue, French blue, gray blue, they all fall under that larger category. Not to sound like a broken record here, but again there are so many options with this color. Adding in these different, warmer colors is the perfect way to counter-balance the cooler color. In either case, try to find shade that has either blue or red undertones to match the rest of the dresses.
From vests, pocket squares, and ties, it is easy to incorporate into their ensemble as well! However, a major perk of this color is that it will be gorgeous in other types of fabric as well. While this is a fantastic option and obviously popular, what if you want a style that’s a little more daring, yet in a trendy color? From simple diamonds or pearls to a statement necklace or earrings, slate will make everything pop.
It’s chic, stylish, clean, romantic, contemporary, and timeless, which is a whole lot for one color to accomplish.
And knowing what questions to ask your wedding vendors isn't something you've likely done before, so we're here to help. And since knowing what questions to ask your wedding vendors isn't something you've likely done before, so we're here to help. Asking these questions up front will help you prepare for everything making sure all of the details are absolutely perfect and that they can each fit perfectly into your budget, planning and most of all, that they can pull off exactly what you want for your big day! Will there be any other weddings or events booked on the same day? Depending on the size of your venue, there could be another wedding or event booked the same day.
Are there any other fees not included in the cost? Sometimes these extra costs are written in the fine print and can include a cleaning fee, overtime charge, or gratuity.
What is your cancellation policy? Most likely it won't come down to this, but just in case! Do I need to use your vendors?  Many wedding venues partner with vendors such as caterers, linens, etc. Can we make a payment arrangement? Check to see if you can pay in increments if this is something you would prefer.
May I have all events — Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception all on-site? While this may not be something you are interested in, maybe just your cocktail hour and reception, make sure to check into it. Do you have a style you specialize in?  You might be able to gather this beforehand by checking out their website and photos, but asking your florist this question right away could get them to really open up about what style of arrangements they're good at.
Do you have a portfolio of previous work we can take a look at?   If you want to see more photos of their work than you've seen online, this is definitely something to ask.
If our flowers aren’t available or don’t fit the budget, what substitutions would you recommend?  Letting your florist know up front what you have in mind for flowers is key. Can you preserve my bouquet?  If you want to keep your bouquet after your big day, this is a great question to ask. What is the price of each item (bouquet, centerpieces, boutonnieres, etc.) and how do they charge (flat fee, per item, delivery charges)?  A pretty obvious question to ask right away in order to make sure this florist will fit into your budget. Will you be able to provide samples of your pieces, and are you willing to work with us to make adjustments, if needed? This is a great question. Meet with a few DJ's or bands before choosing in order to get a feel for which one will suit your style just right.
Do you work exclusively for this company?  Some DJ's will have side jobs outside of the company they work for. How involved can we be in selecting music for our event? Maybe you want to make your whole wedding playlist, maybe you want them to add in some of their own personal wedding favorites, or maybe you just have a few songs you want them to play. When will you need to arrive to set up for our wedding? You should know what time vendors can come to set up from meeting with your venue, so be sure to check how much time the DJ or band will need to set up beforehand. Do you take any breaks?  Obviously, they'll need to take some bathroom breaks, but make sure there won't be any extensive breaks that you don't know about ahead of time. What do you think distinguishes you from other photographers? Another interview question, geez! Will you post proofs online, and when would we receive our photos? Make sure they are going to deliver you the final product in a timely manner. Will you be the primary photographer shooting the wedding, and will you bring an assistant with you? Two photographers is very common and beneficial. What price ranges, packages and other products do you offer? Check to see if an engagement shoot is included in your package, how many photos you'll receive, etc. Shopping for a wedding dress should be one of the most exciting and  memorable moments of the wedding prep. How many guests can I bring with me?  The shop you may be visiting might ask you this question before you can ask them.
What is the starting price of your dresses?  If you can't find out this information online,  you'll want to ask ahead of time.

Are there any trunk shows coming up? Many shops host trunk shows, which allows a designer to showcase their entire line typically over one weekend-one week.
Is a payment plan possible? A wedding dress can cost a pretty penny, so this is something you may want to consider. Do you stock sample dresses? When making your appointment, ask if they  have specific sample dresses in stock in the styles you have your eye on.
Should I wear special undergarments while trying on dresses? Typically the answer is going to be 'yes' for this one. How many weddings will you cater on my wedding day? Depending on the time of your wedding, this could happen. What food choices would you recommend given my budget and guest list? You know your budget, they know the food and pricing. What can you do for guests that have allergy or diet restraints? Something you'll definitely want to inquire about.
If you do not serve cake, what are your other dessert options? Dessert is something that has come a long way for weddings. How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Clearly, this is something you'll want to ask every vendor. When will I receive a written contract? Make sure you get everything in writing, and always, always read the fine print! What is your policy on cleanup? Will they be in charge of clearing all plates, glasses, silverware, etc.? May I see a mock-up invitation in my font before I purchase them? Whether you're purchasing your invites online or working directly with a stationer, you'll want to make sure you can see some form of mock-up of your invites before they're ordered. What is your turn around time? Make sure you know they'll be delivered in time to be sent out to guests a couple months before your big day! How much will it cost to mail these? Depending on how many different cards you'll have in your invitation, and also depending on the shape, you may need to add some extra postage. Have you worked at my venue before? If they're from your city, and they're highly experienced, it's likely they're familiar with your venue. How many weddings of my size and budget have you planned before? Planning weddings for different budgets and sizes is totally different. What role do you feel I should play? You definitely don't want to hire someone who's going to try to dictate every move.
How much staff do you enlist to help? Is this going to be a team effort, or are you a one person show?
How often do you expect to meet with me prior to the wedding? Some planners want to meet more often than others. How do you keep in touch with clients? Do they like to text, work with you via email, etc.?
Who are your preferred vendors? This might be a great place to get some recommendations for other vendors, actually. But just to be sure you feel comfortable with your hair and makeup artist, don't forget to ask these questions! Will you do a trial run with me before my wedding day? This is something you'll definitely want to schedule. Do you want to see my inspiration photos and photos of my dress? I almost would even just recommend showing them these things instead of asking beforehand.
Is there a charge for a re-trial if I decide to change my look? If your trial run doesn't go as planned, make sure you check into a re-trial. Should I bring my veil and accessories to the trial? If you're wearing something in your hair, you might want to consider this and your hair stylist may appreciate it. What kind of preparation do I need to do before the wedding? Make sure to ask this beforehand. Are you familiar with my skin and hair type? Finding out if they've worked with your particular skin and hair type before is a great thing to know.
What happens if you are unable to make it to my wedding? Just in case of emergency, you'll want to check in to make sure there would be a back up plan in case something comes up. Are you flexible? You might want a specific reading during the ceremony, or to leave out a certain part.
Do you have a minimum rental time? You've probably got an idea of how long you want or need transportation for, so make sure they don't have a minimum right away to be sure it'll work with your schedule!
How many people will fit in each fleet? Are you going to include dates of your wedding party in your transportation? Will my chauffer know how to get my locations? You will want to let him know the locations you'll be getting picked up from and driven to ahead of time. How does overtime charges work? Who knows, you might decide last minute that you want to keep your driver longer than you have booked. When they have been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information so you know exactly when to expect your shipment!
If the samples you are ordering aren’t available in the exact color you are looking for, this is the perfect way to get an idea of what the color will look like! If your waist measurement is 28” that would put you in a size 6, and if your hip measurement is 40” that would put you in a size 6 as well.
Avoid that busy in-store shopping experience and the struggle of having to coordinate everyone’s schedules for an appointment. While planning for a wedding is a process that requires a great deal of time and energy, it’s also an incredibly exciting and rewarding one.
We’ve developed the perfect list of 8 things you’ll want to do the night before your big day in order to make sure your day is absolutely perfect! Touch Base with Your Vendors: Erase the worries of no-show vendor nightmares by calling your team to confirm arrival times and other details. Spend Time with Family and Friends: RELAX as much as possible the day and night before your big day. Check Your Tech: One of the best things about technology is how easily it allows us to capture memories. Run Through Your Vows or Speech: All eyes and ears will be on you and your groom as you say your “I dos.” If you’re uneasy about tripping over ultra-important words like “to have and to hold” or drawing a blank if you’re reciting vows you wrote yourself – practice, practice practice!
Get Romantic: Take time to reminisce on your relationship with your Prince Charming by looking through old pictures and love letters. Relax and Rest: As we said before, RELAX as much as possible the day and night before your wedding.
Planning for a wedding is hard work, so remember to let your last day of planning be a day of confirming, double-checking, and taking it easy.
One of the biggest challenges that every bride faces is how to choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your girls.
While everyone will have their own opinion, it’s your big day so you have the ultimate say. Keep in mind that trending colors such as blush and champagne do not look good on everyone so considering how each of your ‘maids is going to look and feel in the dress is actually really important.
Keep in mind, an a-line bridesmaid dress style is universally flattering, so if you have ladies of all different shapes, this may be the best type of skirt to choose.
I’m definitely not saying that you have to have them wear long styles in the winter and short in the summer, but if you’re choosing to do short bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding, make sure to provide them with some type of covering such as a shawl or faux fur coat. While your gals should understand that it can become a bit expensive when agreeing to stand up in your wedding, you’ll want to be mindful of how much each dress will cost them and don’t forget that alterations are often part of the deal as well.
Believe it or not, ordering bridesmaid dresses from a designer is actually a pretty lengthy process — one that can take anywhere from 3-6 months!
A lot of brides and her ‘maids aren’t necessarily familiar with different fabrics so being able to try things on to feel how they fit, flow, and breathe is super important.
By no means does that mean that you need to go through with their suggestions, but by simply acknowledging and thanking them for the idea will make them feel heard. While it’s great to listen to other ideas, don’t let other opinions completely cloud your original vision. Don’t be afraid to ask one of your girls to do the research on pricing, colors, shipping information, etc. Try not to let all of the decision making stress you out and remember to just have fun with it!
Allow their opinions to be heard and appreciated, but at the end of it all, you get the final say. Leave us a note in the comments below or contact a Kennedy Blue Specialist and let us a know some fun details about your day. This is the day you’ve been dreaming about…the day you’re counting down to…the day you can’t wait for!
There are so many palette options to choose from, so why not make it easier by having Kennedy Blue swatches right in front of you? Everyone loves the convenience of online shopping, but the truth is that different computer monitors, mobile devices, and tablet screens all have different resolutions, and the color you see on screen may not appear exactly the same way in person. If you want your invitations, decor, flowers, table linens, and other accents to coordinate or match, providing everyone involved with a color swatch is the most effective way to do it. There’s no other way to ensure continuity or confirm that the colors will match without an actual piece of fabric in the precise hue. Slate blue is the perfect choice for a winter wedding because it adds color and vibrancy to the bridal party style, while the dusty and cooler tone mirrors the season. This is also something to keep in mind if you’re worried that an all slate palette will feel too cold.
If you’re searching for something different, one of my personal favorite combinations is to create a dusty, ethereal, and chic appearance by combining gray, lavender, light green, and our chosen hue. If possible, putting the dresses next to one another before finalizing them is the perfect way to ensure you will love the chosen mix and match palette. Take your slate blue color swatch around to some department stores and match it up with the men's attire to ensure a cohesive bridal party look! All of our chiffon and satin dresses are available in slate blue along with other gorgeous colors to create a perfect mix and match look. This could be a make-or-break it thing if you're wanting a more intimate wedding, you might not want to book somewhere where there will be something else going on on the same day. Is there any additional cost for this? Some venues will offer day-of coordination at no additional cost, and others offer day-of for a small fee. You'll want to make sure to ask this so you can pass this information along to each of your vendors and make sure that this will allow them enough time.
If you don't have an idea of what your decor may be at this time, make sure you save this question for later when you have a better idea. Are there corkage fee's or can you supply your own alcohol? Another great question that can go forgotten. Don't forget to ask about the flow of events and transition too to ensure someone will be there making your ceremony site into the reception hall afterwards! You'll be able to tell right there and then if this style is going to fit into your big day.
They'll know what's going to be in-season on your wedding date, and will definitely have suggestions if something won't be available or if you would like a cheaper option.
But seriously, every photographer is different and they should know their differentiating qualities. This might be something you want to put into the contract - that they will deliver the final photos to you by a certain date.
If not, are you planning to scope it out before the wedding? You'll want to ensure your photographer is somewhat familiar with the layout of your ceremony and reception sites.
If there's a specific designer you've got your eye on, ask before booking your appointment.

What do you need to put down right away and when are the other payments due, are some other questions to ask at the time of purchase. You will likely want to wear undergarments similar to the ones you will wear with your actual dress. If so, will you handle obtaining them? Depending on your food prep and venue, you could need a specific permit. The traditional cake dessert isn't quite as traditional now, with so many different options out there.
Ask about ordering in bulk if your guest list is extensive, or even a discount on one small portion of the invites, like the envelopes maybe.
If you'll be making stops along the way, let them know those as well so there's no wasted time getting lost! We do ship each of our orders priority shipping, so typically they are delivered within about 2 days. You’ve got three days with the dresses, so gather your ladies and try on your dresses together so the bride can get an idea of how they look. Once you’ve gotten a feel for the style, size and color you want to order, you’ll want to go ahead and place your order online (using your 10% promo code, of course!). Think about it – now-a-days, brides typically have at least one bridesmaid who lives in a different city or state than them; sometimes multiple! Each decision you make and the timeline you arrange brings you one step closer to the final product of the ultimate celebration of love.
Keep track of all of the items you need to bring with you to the venue and check off each item when you pack up your car in the morning.
After your rehearsal, have a slumber party with a family member or your MOH, but don’t forget to get some good quality shut-eye!
While you and your gal pals are having that low-key slumber party, if you feel comfortable with them hearing your vows ahead of time, this may be the perfect time to practice!
You’ve been waiting your whole life for this day, so you’ll certainly be feeling some butterflies the night before.
Make sure you don’t leave any DIY projects until the last minute – you don’t need any additional stress!
There’s a fine line of pleasing all of your ‘maids and staying true to your vision, so finding that balance is key!
We’ve definitely seen lace bridesmaid dresses with a lace bridal gown, but you’ll want to make sure the fabrics coordinate.
Another great (and trendy!) option for bridesmaids of all different shapes is a mismatched look. For summer, long dresses can be tolerable, but you’ll want to find light-weight styles such as a light chiffon fabric and maybe provide them with fans, and bottled water throughout the day, of course – especially if you’ll be outside a lot!
I’m not even engaged yet, and I know I do…And let’s be honest, even if I didn’t work in the wedding industry, I probably still would. Most dresses are made once your order is placed, so this includes production and ship times, typically. Participate in our At Home Try-On program and see which styles and fabrics you like ahead of time.
Who knows, one of their suggestions may be something you haven’t thought about and absolutely love! Your girls are going to be a huge part of the wedding day (standing up at the ceremony, posing for pictures, sitting at the head table, dancing the night away, etc.) so make sure they look great and feel even better! No, we can’t hire your band or finalize your seating arrangements, but we can provide you with color swatches to make sure your entire wedding party and every vendor is coordinated exactly the way you’ve imagined.
No need to guess or start from scratch when you can order different shades for just $1 each. We want you to love your Kennedy Blue dresses as much as we do and, with a color swatch in hand, you can confirm that you are ordering the right shade and fabric. Whether you’re thinking a knee-length chiffon dress or a satin strapless gown, this shade is the perfect choice. Of course, all of our dresses in chiffon and satin are available in the perfect slate blue hue. Whether you're having an outdoor ceremony or something more formal, this shade will complement your gown as well as your theme no matter what the season may be! I love the idea of mixing in a lush maroon or wine color in your flowers – think marsala (or Kennedy Blue Bordeaux) if you’re going all out with past and present trendy colors. Otherwise, color swatches in each of the shades is also be a great way to compare colors if you can't get the actual dresses next to one another before purchasing. So you don’t have to feel forced to choose the style of dress based on what colors it comes in. If your date is flexible, when sitting down with your venue you'll want to ask which is available (and don't forget to coordinate this date with your photog.
If these qualities aren't something that fits into your wedding vision, they might not be the right fit for you. Typically bridal gowns take a while to come in because they are made to order (like our bridesmaid dresses are), which means they manufacture the dress once your order has been placed! Also, you  might want to consider allowing your photographer (and assistant, if there is one) on as well to capture those moments. Grab your gals, some champagne, and snap some pics – have a try on party at home while deciding on your favorite Kennedy Blue dresses! You can select three different styles you like in the same size, three of the same styles in all different sizes, or whatever you prefer! If you’re all spread out over the country, sounds like the perfect time for a Facetime session. Each of our At Home Try-On (AHTO) orders comes with a measuring tape and a size chart, so all you’ll need to do is take your bust, waist and hip measurements and compare them to our size chart to determine what size will fit best. Once your three days are up, simply place your dresses in the mail using the bag with the pre-paid shipping label that was in your package. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email (within 3-5 business days) with an estimated ship date – yay! If you’re having trouble coordinating something in-town with your ladies, you (or your girls) can each order samples separately. It’s probably best to keep it low-key and have one or two gals spend the night with you instead of the whole wedding party.
Whether you plan on using a camera for snapping before the ceremony moments or on a tripod for a DIY photo booth station, make sure that you fully charge the device and have plenty of memory space on your camera and phone (I know I’m always running out of space on mine!). To banish worrisome “What if?” thoughts, trust in all of the planning that you have done and simply try to enjoy yourself. To help avoid any stress and keep you in bridal bliss, I’ve come up with the 11 tips that will help you decide on the perfect styles that you and your ‘maids will (truly) love. By letting your girls select their own dress style, you can ensure that they feel confident and comfortable.
Pssst, Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses are all under $200 and we make it easy to coordinate things with any out of town ladies with our At Home Try-On! Make sure you start shopping around early enough and don’t forget you’ll want to allow time (a few weeks, typically) for any necessary alterations as well. The last thing you want is to put your girls in a style that they can’t even bust a move on the dance floor in. Chiffon gowns are always our top choice for comfort, since it is a lighter weight fabric you can easily move around in! It’ll be one less thing for you to worry about and will give them some responsibility that they can be proud of! Picture this: Your girls in Kennedy Blue dresses in a mixture of slate blue, mint, silver and charcoal colors.
You can even add cream or ivory to lighten up the palette and give the eye a rest from the vibrant hues. It’s a unique and gorgeous way to have darker tones featured in the color palette without weighing everything down!
Keep in mind that these are just sample dresses, so they may not be available in the exact color you would like – they are simply so you can see the style in person, feel the fabric and get a feel for how the sizing runs before purchasing your actual dress in your size and color!
If you’re wondering how you’ll know when your three days falls, there should be a note on your packing slip that states when you should pop the dresses back in the mail. After all the cake tastings, dinners, and dress fittings, it comes down to only 24 hours that remain between you and your big day. What time are the flowers going to be delivered?”, and then speak with the vendors to get secured answers. Pack your chargers, USB cords, and extra memory cards to make sure you can capture all the fun throughout your wedding. If you’re planning to give a little “thank you” speech at the reception, practice this with your ladies or your groom beforehand as well.
You definitely don’t want to end up with irritated skin the day of your wedding, so make sure you’re using products you use regularly. Watch an episode of your favorite show, do some yoga, read a book, or something else you enjoy to calm your mind. Saving any big projects to work on the night before will leave you feeling frantic, and the time crunch will also lead to sacrifices on the quality of your project. I talked with a bride this past weekend who really wanted to do red dresses, but one of her ‘maids is a red-head so instead she chose purple so the color wouldn’t wash her out. Recommendation: Give them a few guidelines to follow or certain styles to pick from when going with the mix-and-match look. Search for bridesmaid dresses and get some ideas of colors and styles you’re interested in. Some designers offer rush options in order to speed up production, but keep in mind that this is usually an additional fee so you may want to try and avoid that!
Slate blue bridesmaid dresses are super in right now, and they will be the perfect complement to your special day. PS – each order comes with a 10% off promo code for you and your ladies to use on your actual order! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to take your measurements, or even if you want to send us your measurements, we can definitely assist in determining what size will be your best fit. If you’re still having trouble figuring this out, feel free to contact us and we can let you know when to send them back!
To ensure that the thought of “I’m getting married tomorrow!” will bring you a sense of joy rather than fear, it’s necessary to know that everything is aligned in order to make your nuptials go smoothly. After checking in with each vendor, you can also minimize stress by designating his or her tip amounts and how the tips will be delivered ahead of time. PS – giving your phone or personal camera (if you still use one) to one of your besties is a great idea since you will likely be too busy throughout the day to snap as many pics of your own! If you have a high neckline and want to keep it simple, a strapless bridesmaid neckline is always a classic. Recommendation: Print off some pictures of your dress along with bridesmaid dresses you’re interested in and see what you think! This way, the dresses will still coordinate with one another as well as with you instead of being all over the board. From trending mix-and-match dresses to having your girls wear different shade dresses that still coordinate – there are SO many different ideas out there.
The night before your wedding day is your time to soak in every last moment of being a bride-to-be and set yourself up for a stress-free wedding day. For more ideas on how to properly execute the look, check out our guide on how different necklines flatter different body types.

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