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Have you decided that it’s time to make your family of two an official family of three or more? Here are some additional steps you can take to get pregnant sooner:Start taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid.
I want to discuss this topic today, as it does not matter what gender of baby you desire, the most important thing is that that baby be healthy.  In what follows, I will give you some tips for a healthy pregnancy so that you create a healthy baby too. There’s a reason parents wake up at 4 am to take their five-year-olds to youth hockey leagues. A new study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine in November suggests there might be: simply conceive your kid during the second half of winter. The researchers, led by Dr Gavin Sandercock, a clinical physiologist at the University of Essex, tested nearly 9,000 boys and girls between age ten and 16 on tasks of strength, stamina, and cardiovascular fitness.
In addition to biologically enhancing a child’s athleticism, getting pregnant in the spring can help ensure your kid is the biggest one on the team by taking advantage of the aforementioned relative age effect. Because they are more physically mature, coaches are more likely to notice them, leading to more playing time and more overall attention—an advantage advantage researchers refer to as the Matthew Effect. Once you get to the pros, however, it appears that things get so competitive that the early advantages of having the right birth month are washed out, so don’t expect your careful conception schedule to lead to a major-league contract (in fact, if you’re having pre-conception visions of your kid being a pro athlete, you might have some other stuff to work through).
Obviously, all these influences will only take you (or, more specifically, your kid) so far. It’s clear, then, that success in sports comes from an amalgamation of elements, most of which are beyond a parent’s control. User comments posted on this website are the sole views and opinions of the comment writer and are not representative of Guardian Media Limited or its staff. Guardian Media Limited accepts no liability and will not be held accountable for user comments. Any content which is considered unsuitable, unlawful or offensive, includes personal details, advertises or promotes products, services or websites or repeats previous comments will be removed.

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The decision to start trying to get pregnant is exciting, but it’s easy for hopeful mamas to get discouraged after a few months without seeing those two little lines.
Start taking prenatal vitamins at least a month before you officially start trying to conceive. But what if there were a way to channel that gusto and give your kid a leg up by simply partaking in a little bit of family planning?
Children conceived at this time of year, the research suggests, are more physically fit and stronger than peers born in other months. The researchers think it’s because the mothers of babies born in these months have greater exposure to Vitamin D as their due date draws near, thanks to those summer rays. This is a fancy name for the advantage children gain by being mere months older than their classmates owing to how age groupings are determined for youth leagues—an institutional bias that has been dissected in every form, from Canadian hockey players in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers to European soccer players in Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner’s SuperFreakonomics. These privileged kids then continue to improve their game beyond the skills of younger, underdeveloped teammates. Kevin Durant is not an NBA superstar just because he was born in September: Numerous other factors come into play—perhaps most importantly, genetics. But given the crazy lengths so many parents will go to ensure their kids athletic success, and given how clear the benefits are to conceiving your (hopefully) athlete-to-be at the right time, it seems like a biological hack worth trying.
Studies have shown the link between stress and a woman’s ability to conceive, so the first step in trying is an easy one – relax and enjoy the process.Next, visit your doctor for a pre-pregnancy checkup.
Most prenatals contain the 400 micrograms of recommended folic acid, but check the label just to make sure. The study was designed, in part, to test whether birth month affects athleticism beyond the so-called relative age effect—given how age groupings are structured for youth sports leagues, kids born in certain months will enjoy a calendar-based advantage at certain junctures (more on this in a bit)—and it did, in fact, find an independent effect.

Vitamin D has been linked to numerous in utero health benefits, and is thought to be a stimulus for bone and muscle growth, thus influencing the future athleticism of the unborn child.
If the average height in your family hovers around five-foot-five, it’s unlikely your kid will be dunking anytime soon. Your doctor will talk to you about your current lifestyle, weight, medications and medical history and how they will affect your chances of getting pregnant. Folic acid is also naturally found in leafy green veggies, citrus fruits, beans and whole grains, so doubling up is always a plus.Improve your diet. Try to avoid junk food and load up on fresh fruits and veggies, which will aid in both helping you maintain a healthy weight and give you the energy to maintain a baby-friendly exercise plan.Start limiting your caffeine intake. If you’re a 2-or-more-cup a day gal, it’s best to start cutting back, as the recommended daily intake of caffeine is 200 milligrams while pregnant.Have your teeth cleaned. A rise in hormones causes gums to bleed more often than usual during pregnancy, causing what’s known as pregnancy gingivitis.Get to know your cycle. Knowing when you ovulate will increase your chances of timing intercourse, which should be during the three to four days around your most fertile time of the month. There are lots of ways to track, including free apps for your phone or the good ‘ol fashioned way – with pen and paper.85% of couples get pregnant within a year of trying, but only about 8% to 10% do in a one-month timeframe. For any additional questions or concerns, or to schedule your pre-pregnancy checkup, contact our Canton or Woodstock office.

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