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Typically, the short answer to this question is: NO, a tilted uterus does not directly lead to infertility.
The first time some women are aware that they have a retroverted uterus is when they visit a healthcare provider for a pelvic exam. Painful sex including low abdominal or back pain Painful menstrual cycle Difficulty or pain when inserting a tampon Urinary tract infections or incontinence Infertility a€“ Although not common, if all else has been ruled out, a tilted uterus may be a cause of infertility. If your healthcare provider tells you that you have a tilted uterus, there are certain things you can do to compensate for the tilt and increase your fertility. Self fertility massage is a technique you can try in order to remove blockages in your pelvis and abdomen.
As any practitioner of yoga will tell you, there are many more benefits to the practice than just flexibility and relaxation.
When all else fails, there are certain sexual positions that may help move your uterus forward and increase your chances of being able to conceive. Best position pregnant babymed., The missionary position is among the best sex positions to get pregnant faster. Best sexual positions pregnant & 20 free, Claim 20 free pregnancy tests discover sexual positions pregnant. 5 positions pregnant fast - times india, Getting pregnant easiest , , couples find hard conceive reasons, including weak insufficient.
Scarring from adhesions as a result of endometriosis or fibroids can also cause the uterus to shift to a tilted or retroflexed state. Your physician can perform a simple physical exam to determine if you have a tipped uterus.
If you have a tipped uterus and are experiencing symptoms, your physician may recommend surgery to reposition the uterus.
Typically a tipped uterus is only thought to be the cause of infertility after all other possible reasons for fertility problems have been ruled out.
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The Association is only able to accomplish our mission with the commitment of people like you. Your chance of conceiving a child depends on the health and motility of the sperm, your cervical mucus and other factors, but the position of your uterus really does not have anything to do with your fertility. As with any type of yoga, the purpose of fertility yoga is to unblock areas of your body and relieve the stress that can cause problems. Try slipping a small pillow under your buttocks to raise your pelvis slightly as you are having sex. The uterus is normally in a straight vertical position. Some women have a tipped or tilted uterus, in which the uterus is tipped backwards toward the back of the pelvis.
If the ligaments holding the uterus in place stretch, or lose their tension during pregnancy, the uterus can become tipped. In most cases, the uterus returns to a forward position after childbirth. Sometimes a uterine suspension is used in conjunction with treatments for endometriosis to prevent the formation of adhesions after surgery.
However, all of the terms mean that the uterus is tipped backwards toward the back of the pelvis. It has been proven to have fewer postoperative complications than other uterine suspension procedures. However, this exercise will not be effective if the uterus has become tipped because of endometriosis, fibroid tumors, or pelvic infections. Your doctor might recommend a uterine suspension or UPLIFT procedure if there is no other explanation for your fertility problems. However, this is not common. Your tax deductible contribution provides valuable education and more importantly support to women when they need it most. However, if the tilted uterus is caused by an underlying infection or disease such as endometriosis, you may have more trouble getting pregnant. Using fertility massage may help to move fecal matter through your abdomen making it easier for your uterus to assume a more normal position. In the case of fertility yoga, the purpose is to unblock the reproductive systems of both the man and the woman.

This surgical procedure is used to reposition a tipped uterus from its backward facing position to a forward facing position. Uterine repositioning provides lasting pain relief in most cases of painful sex and in some cases of painful menstruation. This does not mean that a woman with a tilted uterus is not fertile or cannot conceive a child. The inflammation and scar tissue from these diseases may make it harder for the egg to be released from the fallopian tube, but the position of the uterus may just be a symptom of the underlying disease.
Occasionally, endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease will affect your menstrual cycle and blood will not be totally removed from the uterus. The specific poses used in fertility yoga stretch the reproductive and endocrine systems that are so important to fertility.
Alternatively, try having sex on your hands and knees so your uterus will tip down toward your belly. It does mean that a woman with a tilted uterus might have specific symptoms and might have to take special steps to compensate for the tilt and to become pregnant. Your healthcare provider can determine if your tilted uterus is caused by one of these diseases. Self-fertility massage can help remove this debris and increase your chances of getting pregnant.
Finally, this massage technique can reduce stress and decrease the hormones that lead to stress and can cause infertility. Physically, the stretches may actually allow the tilted uterus to move back into a more normal position.

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