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One of the common methods for choosing your baby’s gender is by using the Chinese Baby Calendar.
The Chinese Baby Calendar method has been used since ancient times in China and some will swear by it as being the most accurate method to predict and plan to conceive a baby by gender.
While this method alone has proven to be useful, it is when it is combined with other known and proven systems, that it plays a major part in successfully being able to predict your baby’s gender through the correct time of conception. The Chinese Baby Calendar method was originally developed in China due to the rapidly growing population and overwhelming majority of one race of Chinese over the other. As the Chinese Government has made the one child policy, the Chinese Baby Calendar system was increasingly in demand and quickly recognized as one of the most accurate methods available to choose your babys gender.With almost one and a half billion people, China had to implement the policy to protect itself from over population. The Chinese Baby Calendar method uses a number of factors to successfully plot the best time of year and time of day to conceive a baby and predict what gender that baby will be.
The method itself takes into consideration the to-be mothers age in Chinese, which slightly differs from the western age, it also takes into account the conception year and month according to the Chinese Lunar Cycle.
The Chinese Lunar Cycle is based around the moon patterns as opposed to the western method of January through December and set days within a month. Although the Chinese Baby Calendar is time tested and according to Chinese, accurate, using one method alone reduces the ability to predict your baby’s gender before conception.

Medical science has proven that factors such as diet, the body’s pH levels, sexual position used during conception and time of day, according to human bio-rhythms all play a major part in which Chromosome ultimately fertilize the egg and produce the beautiful baby that all parents look forward to. The Chinese Baby Calendar in particular offers certain days that are most prone to conceiving a boy, other days are prone to conceiving a girl and yet other days within the year that are more likely to conceive a boy over conceiving a girl.
To save yourself time and stress, time you could be spending enjoying conceiving your baby, it is recommended to get yourself a copy of a guide such as Alicia Pennington’s ‘Prince or Princess Guide‘. The guide shows you how you can successfully plan your baby’s gender using not one, but many of the proven, natural methods that are well known and easy to follow. That is an almost perfect routine and is available in a very simple to follow guide that you can download and get started with right now. All methods, including the Chinese Baby Calendar system have some success, it is when you combine them all together that you truly can choose the gender of your baby. This entry was posted under Calculators & Predictors, Chinese Calendar Methods, Conceiving A Boy, Conceiving A Girl, Gender Selection Methods. This method is based on the ancient Chinese Gender Chart which uses the lunar dates to produce the Chinese Baby Calendar and the ability to predict the best time for conceiving a baby in regards to gender. The government made it illegal for most families to have any more than one child, thus being able to predict a baby’s gender was a very important aspect for many families.

As such, each year and indeed each day is different from year to year, so it is somewhat complicated to try to work out the Chinese Baby Calendar method by yourself.
As you can tell, it is quite complicated and takes considerable research and expert advise if you are going to try to implement it yourself. The guide has done all the hard work for you, as Alicia, a professional midwife and researcher with 23 years experience, has put together all the different natural and proven methods, like the Chinese Baby Calendar method, into an easy to understand and follow guide. It also has a 60 day money guarantee, so there is absolutely nothing to lose and a great bubbly bouncing bundle of joy baby to gain! I'm Bonnie, I'm a 32 year old proud mother of two beautiful children and I want to tell you how you can successfully and naturally plan the gender of your baby with a 100% risk free and proven method. It is a completely natural, risk free and proven method that is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. After having a beautiful daughter, we wanted to conceive a boy so I decided to read your guide, knowing that I was covered by the money back guarantee and it is a 100% natural and safe method.

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