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Chinese calendar - painless baby gender selection online, Painless baby gender selection scientific baby gender selection calendar accurate called chinese calendar calendar.. Chinese lunar calendar - gender predictions, The chinese gender calendar supposedly discovered chinese scientist drew chart buried royal tomb 700 years .. Babies are dreamt about long before held in the arms of their parents meeting them for the first precious time.
Before seeing for our own eyes the child we will love all of our lives, it is exciting to dream about who the baby will be. Strong beliefs about how to ensure a certain gender are seen in many different cultures through out time.
One prediction method, a 13th century Chinese conception chart, helps to calculate the mother’s Chinese lunar age and understand which months of the year have better chances for her to conceive a boy or girl. It is recommended that to increase the chances of becoming pregnant with the desired gender, a period from the chart when the gender is consistent for at least two months should be chosen. To predict the gender of a baby one needs only find the mother’s age according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar on one axis of the chart and the month of conception (also according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar) on the other axis. Even though the answer is astrology based, the ancient Chinese Gender Chart remains today a popular way to have some fun with natural gender selection.

There are other popular reproductive medicine techniques for gender selection and plenty of folk wisdom about how to optimize the chances for a boy or a girl.
Introduced more than two decades ago Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, or PGD, a technique used with assisted reproductive technologies such as in-vitro fertilization, has an almost 100% effective rate for sex selection.
Yet, in select cases couples wishing simply to balance their families with a healthy baby boy or girl can do that with preimplantation genetic diagnosis. The increasing use of PGD for general, non-medical purposes of sex selection raises ethical questions making it more controversial. The information on this site is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a licensed medical practitioner. Chinese calendar - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar which reckons years, months and days according to astronomical phenomena. Baby gender prediction - boy girl - chinese lunar, Chinese lunar calendar baby gender prediction chart old wives tales needle wedding ring heart rate high low bump methods are fun for all but the only way to get an.
Chinese gender calendar: calculator 2016 predictor, Planning pregnant baby' gender? The Chinese Gender Chart, or Chinese Gender Predictor as it also called, can purportedly identify the sex of the baby before birth with 90% accuracy.

We know that modern medical science techniques for fertility treatments, inclusive of sex selection, offer the advantage of comparably higher accuracy rates and scientific bases.
Primarily used as a way for at-risk couples to have an embryo screened for certain genetic conditions such as single gene disorders and chromosomal abnormalities, it is also used to screen for sex selection. If you are experiencing a serious medical condition call your local emergency services or your doctor. Of course these methods come at higher costs by adding up to several thousand dollars to the cost of in-vitro fertilization.
Its use for sex selection is principally to avoid the passing on of serious sex-linked diseases such as hemophilia. The idea is that parents can select certain physical traits such as eye color, height, and hair color in addition to the gender of their babies. Whether a first pregnancy or a fifth, parents often have a personal preference for either a bouncing baby boy or a darling little girl to complete their family.

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