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Let’s start with the basics, the stuff they should have told us when we first menstruated, oh so long ago.  During the first half of a woman’s cycle, the estradiol levels rise, the cervix produces cervical mucus which will allows the sperm to travel into the uterus and make their way to the ovaries, where they’ll fertilize the egg- if the ovulation is strong enough. As estradiol levels rise, a follicle in one of the two ovaries matures.  Ovulation usually occurs within one or two days before or after estradiol levels reach their highest levels of the cycle. To conceive, your progesterone levels should be above 15, in a medicated cycle.  However, progesterone levels vary from cycle to cycle.  I’ve had cycles where my progesterone was 28 and others where it was 9! By the end of your cycle, if you haven’t conceived, your estradiol and progesterone levels will continue to drop and you’ll menstruate.
If your doctor determines that your progesterone levels are too low, you’re not out of luck.  Progesterone can be supplemented! Cholesterol is found in dairy products made with whole milk, and other animal products containing fats such as butter, beef, salmon, etc.  This may explain why women who eat low fat dairy products have a higher incidence of infertility than those who consume dairy products made with whole milk.  Besides, it just tastes better! I’ve correlated my diet with my peak plus seven blood draws and have noticed that when I consume Cabot Greek Yogurt with 10% fat, my progesterone levels are in the 20’s.  When I’m not on my Cabot Greek Yogurt kick, my levels aren’t so great. Have you ever looked at the list of foods that pregnant women are discouraged from eating?  You may be aware that they’re discouraged from eating raw or undercooked food.  That makes sense, as bacteria might make mom and baby ill at a time when they both need to put their energies into growing and developing. Okay probably not so healthy either food does need to be properly cooked in order to be safe.  Not to mention the pesticides and chemical that are used for growing them. What?  Apparently they’re a breeding ground for listeria, a bacteria which can only be killed by heating it to a certain temperature.  This bacterium is linked to miscarriage and still birth. Aspartame which is a new name for an old product which was once called Nutrasweet.  This product was once pulled from the market because of a high incidence of cancer in rats.

I’m wondering, what are the effects of all these foods and chemicals are on those of us who are trying to conceive?  It seems to me that the health of a developing ovum is just as fragile as that of a developing baby.
Whether you are living with infertility or you know someone who is, the causes of infertility affect us all.  Demand change.
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Congratulations Mom and Dad on your amazing journey and your two beautiful babies or the month, Zachary and Mason. Ectopic pregnancy - emedicinehealth, Ectopic pregnancy is caused when a fertilized egg lodges in a fallopian tube or other location instead of continuing its journey to the uterus, where it is supposed. Top 3 ectopic pregnancy symptoms signs - medicinenet, An ectopic pregnancy pregnancy located lining uterus.
Ectopic pregnancy - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Ectopic pregnancy, eccyesis tubal pregnancy, complication pregnancy embryo attaches uterus. Ectopic pregnancy-topic overview - webmd, Ectopic pregnancy - 2% pregnancies, fertilized egg attaches area uterus, results ectopic pregnancy ( . Yup, that stuff that you may have been avoiding is actually an essential nutrient for ovulation, and conception. These fish are heavy in mercury.  Doctors believe the mercury could damage mom and baby’s development.  I wonder, what effects might this mercury have on my developing ova every month?

All those years of struggling with infertility were finally over and they were blessed with not one, but two beautiful bundles of joy. This enjoyable and relaxing technique can help in increasing the chances of conceiving a boy as it stimulates the traveling of the sperm cells towards the fallopian tubes.As you probably know, once the ovule is released from the ovaries, it travels towards the uterus through some small tubes called fallopian tubes. But which are the most recommended positions for male baby conception and how to increase chances of conceiving a boy through this trick only?The seated scissors is a good choice as it allows for deep penetration and gives you the chance to control the depth, while allowing your partner to place sperm nearer the ovaries and fallopian tubes.
Dad had a history of varicoceles (a form of varicose veins in the testes that leads to low sperm and testosterone levels). To increase the chances of having a male baby with this position, you can use a lubricant that thins the mucus, as this way the male sperm cells will be more likely to meet the egg and fertilize it, leading to the conception of a baby boy.Planning To Have A Baby Boy? Try Dong QuaiDong quai is one of the best tips for getting pregnant with a boy that you will find in the Chinese traditional medicine system. Click Here to Discover How You Can Make Sure Your Next Child Is A BoyHow To Have A Baby Boy With FrankinciseFrankincise is not very well known in western countries but in Asian medicine, especially in the Chinese medicine system, this is one of the plants widely used in one’s diet for conceiving a boy. The plant regulates the menstruation and restores the normal hormonal balance of the female organism, supporting pregnancy.Also, it improves the absorption of nutrients and as it already have been proven, women who eat more calories and get more nutrients from their daily menus, are more likely to conceive male babies.

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