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Training AnimalsWhenever a pet performs certain interactions, a trait icon will briefly appear over its head. In the Traits list, if you see that a certain animal activity encourages a trait, then your Sim can generally use the praise interaction to help that trait develop faster.
Using Scold or Praise is always more powerful than the interactions that develop traits, in order to allow them to be reversed or picked up without undue effort. On our Sims 3 Forum, I read that traits learned at birth or in Create-a-Pet can be trained out. Whether bugged or by design, some traits in The Sims 3 Pets just cannot be learned through training due to lack of interactions of that kind. Best Traits - Super PetsBecause there are traits that cannot be picked up through gameplay, most trait combos will leave you unable to pick up one of several traits. Animal LoverThese will have better interactions with animals overall, but don't really specialize in anything. AdventurousAdventurous pets are less likely to freak out and hide under something, and will overall be more curious. DestructiveThese pets will go after furniture more often to satisfy their destructive or scratch needs. FriendlyFriendly pets improve relations faster and are more likely to be nice to animals and Sims.The best way is to socialize with other animals. HunterDogs or Cats with the Hunter trait will learn Hunting more quickly, and be more likely to hunt autonomously.Dogs can't seem to learn this trait (bug or good nose genes?), but a cat will pick it up simply by hunting.
Hydrophobic(Dog Only) These dogs do not enjoy swimming, and will take a -20 mood hit for 3 hours after getting in the water.You can gradually train out this phobia by praising them when they swim for a while. IndependentIndependent pets have more fun on their own, and also have a reduced need to socialize. LazyLazy pets will get fatigued from hunting more quickly and will want to sit around more. Non-DestructiveThese pets will find good ways to satisfy their need for destruction or scratch (chew toys, scratching post).
SkittishSkittish pets will run away from loud noises (burglar alarms, fireworks), sprinklers, etc.Train this trait out by pursuing adventurous. AggressiveThese pets are more likely to be mean to other animals, and will even occasionally chase the mailman.
AgileThese horses perform better in jumping and cross-country competitions, and learn the jumping skill quickly. GeniusThese super-sharp horses will learn skills faster and benefit more from scolding and praising.Unknown, probably a trait that is available upon creation only. NeatThis will keep horses from doing things that could get them dirty, but there aren't really interactions like this. NervousThese horses are forgetful, and get extra freaked out by loud noises.Scold for freaking out to discourage this from developing. ObedientThis makes a horse accept interactions from Sims earlier in a relationship, improving success rates for anyone who interacts with the animal.Praise for accepting interactions like sniffing hand, talk to, and brushing.
PlayfulThese horses like to play, and will find the fun bar falls faster but replenishes fast as well.Have the animal play with other animals, or the horse ball. Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game.
Harvestable Flame Fruit can be found in Sunset Valley in 3 households' lot: Koffi, Langerak, and Wainwright.

World Adventures owners can find harvestable Flame Fruit in Pyramid of the Burning Sands - Al Simhara, Egypt. There are four new Traits for Sims, 22 Traits for Dogs and Cats, and 19 Traits for Horses and Unicorns. This will show you either a positive or negative reaction, meaning the trait is either developing or going away.
Scold should be used for correcting negative behavior, like piggy, destructive, or skittish actions.
Even I am wrong about that and it breaks even, you can keep the Pet from eventually developing that trait by staying on top of it. However, it was also indicated that people have had trouble getting rid of traits that have been learned through gameplay. They can get a moodlet for hiding under the couch (cats only).Jump up on couches, beds, or counters (cats).
Dogs with this trait will also be more likely to use mean interactions on other animals.The single best way to develop the Aggressive trait is to guard items.
They will dig more holes and knock over your trash can more often.Scold destructive behavior to prevent this trait from coming out of your pet. They like to use noisy interactions like bark much more often.You seem to be stuck with this trait if it develops, so scold them for being noisy if you want to avoid it. They shouldn't knock over the trash can much, and your yard will often be free of holes from digging.Praise for and use interactions like chewing on toys and scratching at the post. They'll also overeat and make more noise while eating.Eat too much, drink from the toilet, or beg for food!
They'll be more likely to be playful with other pets autonomously.Play with other pets and toys. They make less noise overall.Scold for noisy interactions, but I'm not aware of a means of developing quiet. On the upside, aggressive pets are much better at catching burglars in the act.Failing to nuzzle a Sim (rejected) and performing mean interactions can develop this gradually.
Because they love jumping courses, they will require exercise a little more frequently.Simply practice jumping! The description claims they get along better with absent-minded Sims and clueless animals, but I see no evidence of a gameplay impact.Unknown how to affect it.
They tend to want to hang out around Sims and animals they like.Praising friendly interactions or simply talking with other animals. They are more likely to do mean things like throw off their rider and reject social interactions.You can scold or encourage this trait as it is developing. They make more sounds and overeat, but there's not a lot negative about this trait.You should be able to train this trait out by praising neat interactions, like cleaning hooves.
These pets won't make much noise or join in noisy activities.You can't make them quiet by discouraging noise, so they either have this or don't.
Untrained horses also require higher friendship levels before they will allow a Sim to saddle or mount them.Work this trait out by performing any kind of horse training, like taking rides, jumping or racing.
Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers. When your Sim scolds or praises the animal, it can get another boost encouraging or discouraging that trait development. You wouldn't normally scold a Horse for being fast, or a cat for using its scratching post.

Scolded pets may be less likely to do those interactions if you can catch them before the trait develops. I did some testing and made my horse noisy, then had him nicker and get scolded about twenty times. A dog that eats a few times when he's full will quickly develop the piggy trait, whether you scold him or not.
This is a desirable trait!Praise pets for playing chase and they should develop this fairly quickly. They're also more open to social interactions.Gain this by having your dog guard the house. This may have some effects on pet-to-pet interactions and Proud could have unique animations.
A little exploit you can do is to repeatedly start the training then stop, as the trait boost is rewarded at the end of a training session. For this huge penalty, there is a slightly reduced need for exercise.Replace this with the Fast trait by training appropriately. It seems largely pointless for a horse, who is going to pee outside anyway!Praise for cleaning hooves (accepted). The Flame Fruit is used in the baked angel food cake recipe, which gives Sims a powerful moodlet. You will also find information in our Trait list indicating what interactions will encourage or discourage a particular trait. As in real life, Pets that have a lot of time spent with them will be more intelligent and better trained. Overall, if you follow the section in the list indicating how to get each trait, you will eventually have it. You can als perform mean interactions, and chase the mailman (not play chase, mean chase!). Horses that hate to jump may also knock over jumping obstacles autonomously.Train the Agile Trait to replace this one. Of course, there are opposites here (an animal wouldn't be noisy and quiet at the same time) so take that into consideration. By training, dogs can get Adventurous, Hyper, Likes Swimming, Loyal, Neat, Non-Destructive and Playful. I adopted a dog without hunting trait, laid out anchovies on the floor, and had her to eat them. ANd also for the Fast trait, you only need to make your horse the active sim, click on them, and select gallop around. He eventually picked it up after constantly hunting, training, and I think about 5 or 6 praises (if I remember correctly).
The guide says to train adventurous but she won't jump on, look under or explore anything (I have an adventurous adult cat and on the things he can perform "explore" on, she gets "hide" instead).
I have also been unable to scold her for hiding or panicking when I got her just neither before, nor during, nor after doing a skittish action.

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