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Last time, I told everyone how to get out of the friendzone (just in case you missed it, you can find it here).
While you may not really have other girls dying to be with you, it never hurts to pretend Let her know that she’s not the only person who’s got your attention.
While it’s good to let a girl know about your feelings, many men overdo it and destroy their essence completely. No, don’t keep ditching her every single time; do it really occasionally, only when you think it is okay.
Flirting is important, and you need to have sexual tension between each other for her to feel attracted towards you.

And as history has seen, women tend to feel more attracted to a guy who appears to be a hunk of sorts.
She should know that you’re not always available for her, and that you have a life beyond her. She might consider you as a really great friend, but if you be submissive, there is a high chance she wouldn’t consider seeing you as boyfriend material.
If she’s comfortable around you, catch her off guard by caressing her cheek casually, holding her by the waist or looking into her eyes.
I’m going with the theory of ‘prevention is better than cure’ and show you how to not get friendzoned in the first place!

This will not only make her miss you in your absence, but also make her value your presence in her life.
Take her out to places you want to go to, keep the flirting game on, and trust me, she’ll be seeing you in a completely different light in no time.
You’re a dignified man, and you wouldn’t stick around for someone who needs you as per their convenience.

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