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I've already covered how you can automatically save Snapchat photos and videos to your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and how to take screenshots of Snapchats sent to you without the sender knowing, but there's one other thing about Snapchat that could use some softModding.Currently, the only types of photos and videos that you can send on Snapchat are ones you take directly through Snapchat's camera, moments before you send it.
How Snapshare WorksSnapshare is a module for the Xposed Framework (which you also must have installed) that allows you to share any image and video via Snapchat, including any saved pictures in your phone's camera gallery.Now, every time you're viewing an image on your phone and tap on the share icon, Snapshare will show up as an option, even allowing you to paint on it as if you had just taken it with Snapchat. Step 2: Enable 'Unknown Sources'Since you won't be getting Xposed or Snapshare from Google Play, you'll need to have Unknown sources checked. Step 5: Activate Snapshare in XposedNow you'll have to head over to Xposed Installer, tap on Modules, and check the box next to Snapshare to activate it.
Step 6: Share Any Image with SnapshareYou'll now be able to go to any picture in your gallery and share it directly to Snapshare. New Self-Destructing Messaging App "Confide" Promises to Do Privacy Better Than Snapchat—But Do They Deliver?
Most music has a regular pulse called beat.Beats generally group themselves into regular patterns of either two, three or four.
A Time Signature is placed at the beginning of each piece to show how many beats there are in each bar, and the type of note that equals one beat.The Time Signature is shown as a fraction. The Common Time sign is a relict from the 14th Century, when there were two types of rhythmic division : Perfect time - shown as a circle - subdivided a long note into three. The black note between C and D can be written as a C# (with a # in front of the C note), or as a Db (with a b in front of the D note).C# and Db refer to the same note, they are enharmonic equivalents.
A sharp or flat (accidental) not only affect the note behind it but also every other note with the same pitch that follows in the same bar.
A piece of music written in the key of G obviously will contain mostly F#s rather than F naturals. It means that all Fs in the music must be played as an F#, unless the note is preceded by a natural sign.

The key signature of F# has six sharps with an E# at the end.E# is the enharmonic equivalent of F.
The mood or tempo of the music is often indicated above the staff at the beginning of the piece.
In Jazz and Popular music this is usually written in English ( 'Medium tempo swing' or 'Slow blues tempo'). A half circle with a dot under it is a Pause sign (also called 'Fermata').The note (or rest) under the Pause sign is held as long as the player (or conductor) judges it to be appropriate within the musical context.
A metronome tempo may also be indicated, for example : MM = 120 This means a tempo of 120 crotchet beats per minute. When the end of the repeated section is to be played differently the second time, boxes above the staff indicate the 1st time- and 2nd time- bars (Example B). Hi Hat, cymbals and most other instruments of the drum set are notated using crosses (x) as note heads.
Hi Hat and cymbals are usually written above the top line, but they can also be notated in the top space (hi hat) and on the top line (cymbals) of the staff. When the Hi Hat is used without sticks, for time keeping only (perhaps together with the bass drum) it is usually placed in the space below the staff. Take the above outline only as a general guide, for there is quite a lot of variation in drum scores from different publishers. Now that you have some knowledge of the important elements of music notation, the next thing to do is read, read, and read. If you have enjoyed this Lesson and wish to learn more about music then get your copy of the Jazz Theory Course on CD-ROM.
You will gain a fundamental understanding and knowledge of music that will serve you well for the rest of your musical life!

What if you take an awesome pic with your normal Android camera and want to share that as a self-destructing Snapchat?Thanks to Android dev Sebastian Stammler and his Snapshare mod, this is now possible. If you're not already, check out our complete softModder rooting guide using ODIN for Windows.
I was excited that I was going to Impress my friends that you could send a longer snap chat then normal and it loaded fine but when I go to send itsays it ffails and I keep retrying and nothing. To avoid writing a sharp in front of every F in the music, an F# sign is written on the F line at the beginning of the piece. Using the E# avoids having twice the same letter in the scale (F natural and F#), which otherwise would result in many accidentals. When playing this section for the second time, skip the 1st time bars and go directly to the 2nd time bars. Wind instrument players play these notes in one continuous breath with only the first note tongued. 1812 by Dietrich Nikolaus Winkler of Amsterdam.The device was copied and patented as a "metronome" by Johan Maelzel, an inventor of mechanical musical instruments and a friend of Beethoven.
A subsequent lawsuit acknowledged Winkler as the creator of the instrument, but Maelzel had by then sold many metronomes. It is still known as the Maelzel Metronome and the MM signs in our music scores unfortunately continue to do injustice to Winkler, the true inventor.

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