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Using biblical rain as motivation to just keep walking plus losing a Mexican standoff with a small green bird.
The forecast was solid rain and it had obviously been doing just that during the night but now it was just damp and overcast. Shortly thereafter I found a small green bird busily poking away at the ground in the middle of the trail. I’m actually getting off today (Sunday) to go back to the UK for a wedding otherwise that would have been perfect timing! Wearing a denim mini skirt, Danielle cut a relaxed but chic figure with the addition of black open-toe pumps and a lace shirt.She rugged up with a black overcoat. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. COPING STRATEGY: Alan Brett suffered a war injury in Vietnam early one Christmas morning that makes the day difficult for him. North Carolina is home to some 775,000 veterans; about 110,000 live in the 23 western counties, including roughly 20,000 in Buncombe County. Brandon Wilson, deputy director of the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs, says another huge barrier is the military culture itself.
In the ’70s, adds Brett, it was hard enough just being a Vietnam vet without tacking on the stigma of a mental health label. Western North Carolina says Perkal, is a good place for veterans seeking help with PTSD, in terms of available resources, a strong veteran community and a receptive VA Hospital. But while it’s good to get help with PTSD, there are valid reasons for some veterans’ hesitance and fear. Nonetheless, finding a safe environment can be tremendously beneficial, and being around other veterans can help build trust. Brenda Ploss of the NCWorks Career Center in Asheville, helps veterans build resumes and hone interview skills to overcome employment barriers. Admittedly, there are extreme cases that render a particular veteran unsuited for jobs involving certain types of triggers. Ken Ray of NCWorks focuses on finding and educating employers who are willing to hire veterans with PTSD.
Ploss adds that it goes beyond just getting a job, “One of our focuses is finding gainful employment, not just finding employment. Having watched society’s attitudes toward veterans and PTSD gradually evolve, many Vietnam veterans have a strong desire to help those coming home from today’s conflicts find acceptance and the resources they need. To that end, the upcoming town hall will provide information about the various community, state and federal resources available for PTSD and related issues.
Trantham, too, wants younger veterans to know about the resources available and realize that the older generation knows what they’re going through. To leave a reply you may Login with your Mountain Xpress account, connect socially or enter your name and e-mail.
Subscribe to the Xpress Newsletter and get all the week's print stories delivered to your inbox! After a decades-long decline in violent and property crime, early indications from cities across California point to a significant increase in lawbreaking. Reproduction, reuse or transmittal of all herein is prohibited without prior written permission. Looking forward to hearing all about the first leg next weekend, I hope the journey back isn’t too complicated!
I’m just ahead of you heading towards Duncannon if you need us place to stay between boiling Springs and Duncannon on Monday night give a shout, I am taking a zero with a friend near mile marker 1131 to 1137. Danielle Spencer introduced her new beau Adam Long to her family in Sydney on Friday in their first public outing togetherThe writer and cartoonist met Danielle's mother Julie and her father Don, as well as the two children she shares with Russell, Tennyson and Charlie. Veterans, particularly those with PTSD, often face stigma, obstacles to gaining employment, troubled home lives, a propensity for substance abuse and self-imposed isolation to avoid potential triggers.

Variously known as “soldier’s heart,” “shell shock,” “combat fatigue” and “delayed stress response syndrome,” it’s been a moving target. Social worker Ray Scurfield, who’ll also serve on the panel at the upcoming town hall, runs a private practice treating vets with PTSD.
State Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America, says societal attitudes also create barriers. He wants to reach out to the younger generation of returning veterans so they know they have resources and people they can talk to. Substance abuse often leads to trouble with the law, and sometimes, that can be a good thing. Some people, notes Ploss, associate PTSD with violence, but in most cases, it simply means “They may have slight memory loss, and that’s why they need to have things written down.
Scurfield cites the case of a bomb scare involving a huge container of gasoline that it was feared had been rigged with explosives.
Overall, he says, Western North Carolina’s business community has “a lot of sympathy toward veterans, especially with PTSD.
And despite the generation gap and differences in the various wars, says Trantham, “The young men and women are the same identical people we were 40 years ago.
Newer veterans “start talking about PTSD in the military, so it’s not as bad as it used to be, where you couldn’t talk about anything. There needs to be more education so communities can say, ‘Hey, people with PTSD aren’t crazy. Perkal says he hopes the event will reach vets who’ve avoided dealing with their issues for too long.
In Californiaa€™s 68 largest cities, violent crime jumped 11 percent in the first six months of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. It had started raining again as I was setting up which made camp chores slower and more awkward. More than 2 in 10 vets with PTSD have a substance abuse disorder, and 1 out of 10 vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan has such issues, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
The American Psychiatric Association didn’t recognize the diagnosis until 1980, leaving many people stuck wondering what was wrong with them. The Vietnam veteran says there are both internal and external obstacles to reaching out for help. For some people, he notes, “Psychiatric labels have an unhealthy connotation.” Others distrust “psychotherapies and the systems providing the therapies.
Having someone close to me felt dangerous, and eventually they got the hint and left,” he says. So if I know I’m meeting a veteran like that, I’m not going to wear my suit and tie; I’m gonna take my jacket off and roll my sleeves up because, automatically, it’s a culture thing.
They think, ‘We don’t need any stinking help — just leave me alone’ when, in fact, they do need help.
They get out and they’re automatically connected with the VA, go through a screening and can come out with a PTSD diagnosis.
It’s just a fear of the unknown, the fear of actually opening up those experiences and talking about what might happen.” For those and other reasons, Perkal continues, “Most people try to cope with it either by avoiding the issues, putting it on the shelf, self-medicating or just moving on like it doesn’t exist. Now they’re getting the care that they deserve and need without them really realizing it’s happening. Most vets with PTSD are trying not to be around things that remind them of their issues, so they tend to stay away from people.
I found a therapist that was actually a veteran, and I was able to start to talk some things out. A veteran working there as a heavy equipment operator, says Scurfield, had to lift the container while the bomb squad investigated, and he “ended up having a phobia about any kind of container that might have something explosive in it.

He did everything he could to avoid being around trains, container cars, 18-wheelers on the highway, storage facilities that contained gas. In some cases, employers set up a location where the employee can not be surrounded by a lot of noise and people.” Ray says he works with a variety of businesses, including manufacturing, retail, restaurants and others.
Data compiled thus far relies on half-year reports from California cities with a population of at least 100,000, which together comprise about half the statea€™s population. The trail turned into a stream in places and I resignedly plodded through it all since there’s little other option. Merino wool works great in these conditions though and I was glad my top and socks were made of that today. The number of murders, arsons and burglaries were down, while rape, robbery, aggravated assault, larceny and motor vehicle theft numbers were up. Californiaa€™s increase in violent crime appears to be less of an outlier compared to other states.
Part of the reason the jump in 2015 is so surprising is because both violent and property crime in California have consistently trended downward since reaching peaks more than two decades ago.
California introduced two major criminal justice policies in the last five years that both reduced the number of offenders in jail or prison. Jerry Browna€™s plan to reduce prison overcrowding by shifting responsibility for about 30,000 offenders from the state to the counties.
County jails absorbed many, but roughly 18,000 fewer offenders were incarcerated in the first year after the shift, according to the nonpartisan think tank Public Policy Institute of California. In the most definitive look at the role realignment played in the statea€™s crime rate, a PPIC study in 2013 found that realignment could not be linked to an increase in violent crime.
Shuttle service will be provided for people with tickets between the Kentucky Exposition Center and the KFC Yum! However, the study did find realignment could be blamed for a significant increase in auto theft a€“ about 65 more auto thefts per year per 100,000 residents. In 2014, voters approved Proposition 47, which reclassified several drug possession and small-scale property offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. The total incarcerated population dropped by more than 10,000 in the months following Proposition 47a€™s passage. Crime rates fluctuate year to year, and there has been no definitive research to date showing a relationship between crime trends and Proposition 47. On Friday, there will be traffic control for the procession, as well as security at Cave Hill Cemetery and at the KFC Yum! But many law enforcement officials across the state have voiced concern that Proposition 47 may be to blame. Center.The Visitors Bureau is helping people to secure rooms in town, but officials say the number of rooms is nearing capacity already. Riverside County has struggled more than other counties to take on the extra inmates it is responsible for under realignment, says District Attorney Mike Hestrin. Thata€™s just basic human nature.a€? The crime rate may also be an issue this year for Gov.
He is collecting signatures to qualify a measure for the November ballot that would further reduce the prison population by allowing more nonviolent inmates to gain earlier access to parole. Polling by PPIC found that about 20 percent of California adults said in January that violence and street crime in their communities are a big problem.

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