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Your healthcare provider will take your urine sample, and insert a specially treated chemical strip (a dipstick) into the sample.
It is generally nothing to worry about if the test detects trace levels of protein in your urine, unless you are showing other symptoms of an associated condition. The dipstick test shows how much protein is present in your urine, and this is classified from + (low) to ++++ (high).
If a urinary tract infection is suspected, your healthcare provider will send your urine to the lab for more precise testing. In a lot of cases, the cause of protein in urine during pregnancy will not be pre-eclampsia. My midwives have told me that trace amounts of protein can also be caused by vaginal discharge. Please do not post comments containing profanity, obscenity, hate speech, defamation, abuse, harassment, or solicitations of any kind. It says the colour of a person's urine says a lot about what is going on inside their body, and that people should take heed of its warnings.The diagram shows that if a person's urine has no colour, it suggests they are drinking too much water and should consider cutting back. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. UTIs are very common, resulting in more than 7 million doctor visits per year, according to the American Urological Association Foundation. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to getting UTIs because of all the many changes, physical and hormonal, that occur during pregnancy. Your healthcare provider will perform a dipstick test on the sample, to check certain substances in your urine.
Your protein output changes throughout the day, and can be affected by diet and fluid intake. A high grading especially in later pregnancy can indicate pre-eclampsia, a serious condition that requires close monitoring. One urine sample may suffice, or you may be asked to collect all urine output over a 24 hour period. However, because of the severity of this condition, it is important you know how to recognise the signs. Health & Parenting Ltd disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information, which is provided to you on a general information basis only and not as a substitute for personalized medical advice.

Had abnormally high blood pressure at the OB, but perfectly fine when they sent me to the hospital, same as it always has been.
They don’t seem worried my sugar test was good and blood pressure is always good too.
I got the trace mark on the dipstick and instead of freaking out- I calmly listened and asked any questions I had. Required fields are marked *Comment We welcome and value your opinions, and encourage you to comment on our blog posts!
We ask, however, all users who post in the blog remain courteous, polite, and respectful to other users. The bacterium Escherichia coli causes most UTIs, though infections can also be caused by other bacteria and by yeast.
A sample collected by "clean catch" or drawn by urinary catheter is taken to a laboratory and examined for the growth of bacterial colonies. Two tubes called ureters connect the kidneys to the bladder, which holds urine until it is excreted. Drinking plenty of liquids, especially water, not only aids your kidneys in filtering out wastes, it also dilutes your urine and makes you urinate more frequently. This is a screening test which means it doesn’t diagnose a condition, but indicates if closer monitoring is warranted. The dipstick test also reveals glucose levels, these are used to screen for gestational diabetes.
An underlying problem such as kidney damage may also cause a high protein output in pregnant women. At the lab, your sample will be tested for bacteria and then antibiotics will be recommended. I had been throwing up for the two weeks prior to but I thought it was just pregnancy stuff. The common causes for proteinuria in pregnancy is high blood pressure, diabetes and pre eclampsia. Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy How to Cope With Morning Sickness Pregnancy Brain - Is it in YOUR Head? Infections of the lower urinary tract are, in most cases, relatively harmless and easily treated with antibiotics, which may be prescribed based on symptoms and without testing.

It was long thought that urine is sterile up to the point when it reaches the urethra, but recently researchers found that bacteria can be present in the bladders of some healthy women. This flushes out bacteria and other pathogens from your urinary tract and helps to prevent infections. If you are showing other symptoms of a urinary tract infection, your healthcare provider may prescribe antibiotics before the lab results are back.
DIY Birth Photography Tips Pregnancy Questions - Can I Pick Up My Toddler Is It Worth Worrying About Bump Size? They attach to the walls of the urethra and cause irritation, burning, and urinary urgency as they multiply and move up the urethra toward the bladder.
Additional testing may be ordered to reveal which bacterium or yeast is causing the infection.
However, untreated infections can lead to serious complications involving kidney infection or sepsis. Most UTIs, however, are thought to be caused by bacteria that enter the urethra through its opening near the vagina. To help prevent UTIs, pregnant women should drink plenty of fluids, avoid taking baths, wipe from front to back, and wear loose, comfortable clothing and cotton underwear.
You measure how much protein is in someone’s body by the serum (blood) amount, not the urine amount. Women should wipe from front to back when using the toilet and change tampons and pads frequently during their periods. It's important to treat UTIs to prevent serious complications for both mother and fetus.
Fortunately, there are antibiotics that are safe to take during pregnancy, such as fosfomycin and ceftibuten.

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