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But you might have some questions when it comes to your extended family and some complicated family relations. If your step-mother or step-father has children from a previous relationship, those are your step-brothers or step-sisters. They call the mother and father who created them their "biological parents" or "birth parents". Think through all of the people in your extended family and try to explain how they're related to you in English.

The illustration at the top of this lesson shows some of the family relationships that we discussed. This FREE email course will teach you the most powerful lessons that I've learned for learning a language.
Your immediate family includes your mother, father, sister, sisters, brothers, husband, wife, and children. The son of one of your siblings is your nephew, and the daughter of one of your siblings is your niece.

But if your parent and step-parent have a child together, that's your half-brother or half-sister.
You can even talk about a "second cousin once removed", which is a complicated relationship that many English speakers have heard of, but only a few of us understand.

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