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Elastic Wrist Splint is designed to immobilize and provide firm support to hand and wrist in various orthopedic conditions.
With the iVAPS mode setting up patients on ventilation and treating their changing respiratory requirements is made easier.
It is an ideal choice for reliable, cost-effective ventilation, when alarms are not required. The VPAP ST is a fully-integrated bi-level device that delivers comfortable and effective therapy with exceptional patient-ventilator synchrony to patients requiring a backup rate. It also features optional integrated oximetry and a Sleep Quality Indicator, which allows patients to view their therapy progress on a daily basis. Together with ResMed's Enhanced Easy-Breathe technology and superior Climate Control humidification system, the VPAP ST delivers quiet comfort in the award-winning S9 platform.
If the patient experiences an apnea or falls below the set rate, the device supports the patient's ventilation with a set backup rate.
Includes a Learn Targets mode to make it easier to set up with minimal respiratory expertise required.
Applies iBR only when needed, maximising spontaneous breathing while providing the security of a backup rate.

Includes Vsync leak compensation and TiControl™ to help improve patient ventilator synchrony. The H5i™ heated humidifier offers advanced humidification with Climate Control, which automatically maintains temperature and humidity levels as conditions change throughout the night (and from season to season).
Our patented ClimateLine™ tubing delivers a constant, comfortable temperature at the mask and also helps substantially reduce rainout. Monitoring patient progress is convenient and easy with a range of data management options, including 30 sessions of detailed data, seven sessions of high resolution data, and 365 sessions of compliance and summary data.
Compliance and summary data are easily transferred from the S9™ wireless module for daily remote monitoring and from the SD card on the VPAP ST. S9 wireless capabilities allow you to view patient usage during the critical first weeks of therapy, ensuring that any compliance issues are detected and addressed early. Understanding that every patient is different, S9 VPAP devices offer advanced technologies with maximum clinical control to help you meet the unique needs of even your most difficult bi-level patients. If the patient experiences an apnea or falls below the set rate, the device supports the patient’s ventilation with a set backup rate. In addition, the VPAP ST features adjustable breath trigger and cycle, allowing you to accommodate patients with very unique conditions.

Single piece, flat design with easy-to-form chin cup for quick application and convenient storage.
Insert the velcro loop-end under the neck of the accident victim (if lying on the back) and then bring the chin-cup under the chin of the victim. It maintains the wrist in the dorsi flexion functional position while allowing full range of motion to fingers and thumb. You can also adjust rise time, which sets the time taken for the VPAP ST to reach IPAP, to accommodate patients with different ventilatory needs and preferences. Our market research says that, on average a family visits 4 times to a medical shop every month to purchase one of these products.

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