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The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. To start, I actually put on the clothes and used white chalk (from Ryan’s art easel!) to mark my limbs.
Google some images of skeletons and use those to help out… I drew mine free-hand, but I suppose you could find templates to print and trace?
TIP: the shiny smooth side of the freezer paper is the side that faces down when you iron them onto your clothes… so draw accordingly! Sometimes it felt like the fabric was pulling and moving as I painted so I blotted the paint on instead–especially on the edges where the freezer paper was starting to come up (like you can see on the picture below). I probably did 3-4 layers–to get the best coat, wait till each layer is dry before adding another. For the baby skeleton, since we’re having a girl, I added a little ribbon with 3-D pink paint once the white paint was dry. Being pregnant on Halloween has its perks (like having an excuse to eat a boatload of candy). The year I was pregnant for Halloween my work chose Alice in Wonderland (with some nudges from me) as our theme.
I was about 6 months pregnant on Halloween, so my husband decided that the coolest homemade costume would be one that made it look like the baby was trying to escape from the womb! It was a homemade pregnant skeleton costume–complete with a skeleton baby–and a matching set for the dad with whatever he loves in his belly!
I wanted to make sure I had the elbows and knees in generally the right area so it didn’t look weird! In my opinion, I made this too small for being ~24 weeks along lol, but it still looked good on the shirt.

You have two bones so there will be a piece you cut out that needs to be saved and ironed on as well (see what I mean in the image below on the right). The paper is pretty instantly stuck to the clothes, but make sure all edges are really on there because when they start to get loose, your paint can creep under and you won’t have pretty, even lines. Make sure you put cardboard or something between the layers of your clothes so the paint doesn’t seep through to the other side. Once that paint dried, the fabric was stiffer and it was WAY easier to paint over it in nice smooth strokes. I’d paint a layer on the shirt, go do laundry or play with Ryan, then come back and do another layer. You could sew on a little pink ribbon or, if it’s a boy, you could put on a tie or sunglasses would be cute, too! I totally want to make just the shirt for my pregnant sister, even though it’s not any time close to Halloween. I was dead set on making these for us and with Halloween still months away, I thought I had PLENTY of time even though we were closing on a new house on Halloween. I used this Skeleton and this Skeleton for the adult and this Baby Skeleton… kind of.
No one else would ever notice, but the science nerd in me was like OMG THAT BONE IS ARCHING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!!!! Also, you can see I actually drew separate finger bones, but when I went to cut, that was too hard (=too annoying) and I just cut out long fingers.
My knife was probably a little dull and some areas were hard to cut so I started off with the knife and then finished with scissors. I ended up finishing them the Saturday before Halloween, just in time for a costume party that night.

I just went to the ironing board, laid out my shirt (or pants), placed the pieces on and ironed them in place one at a time.
Finally, he added the red makeup on the arm and the surrounding area of my belly to give the impression that the baby ripped completely through the belly causing blood! I thought about just ordering something from Halloween Express (they have skeletons), but decided I CAN DO THIS!
It took a little bit of time to do that morning, but this won me the costume contest at work. So I went to a few thrift stores and snagged some great finds - the shoes were an unbelievable find: they are actually wrestling shoes found at a Goodwill for just a few bucks AND they are size 9 - perfect and just meant for me! This Homemade Baby Escaping Pregnant Belly Costume has to be the most creative maternity Halloween costume ever made! My husband measured my belly and cut a hole in the jersey, my husband painted my belly (very well, I might add) and BAM! I bought a pair of striped knee high socks and some suspenders (you can find these almost anywhere.) Colors dona€™t matter much, ita€™s up to you and what you like or what is available. I can remember I got a boot put on my car that day and had to go pay my parking tickets dressed like that.
To paint the babiesa€™ costume, I put the shirt on and with a pen I marked the top and sides of my belly so Ia€™d know where to draw.

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