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Women who suffer stress during pregnancy increase the chance of their child being gay, according to a controversial new book (file picture).
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Natural treatments for PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) can be very effective, and among them is eating the right diet for this condition. Women with PCOS often have fluid-filled sacs (cysts) in their ovaries, insulin resistance, and elevated androgen levels (male hormones).
Many women with PCOS will not have all of these symptoms, and some are asymptomatic, or are only diagnosed after frequent miscarriages or the inability to conceive. According to a recent study at the University of California in Los Angeles, the most consistent predictor of future weight gain is dieting. Any dieter will tell you that dieting is hard and results are inconsistent and difficult to maintain.
Being overweight can make PCOS worse, but frequent dieting actually slows your metabolism and deprives your body of essential nutrients, contributing to further deterioration of your health. Read this beginner’s guide to Real Food, and make sure to start with what inspires YOU. Contrary to mainstream beliefs, saturated fat and cholesterol are essential to human health. When it comes to PCOS, your body needs nutrient-dense foods, and does NOT need extraneous hormones and toxins.
A note about eating out: Most restaurants (even fancy ones) serve factory-raised meat and dairy unless otherwise specified. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is advised that women diagnosed with PCOS avoid dairy products. Soy – contains phyto-estrogens that mimic estrogen and throw your hormones out of whack.
Chemical preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, and coloring – This should go without saying, but chemicals will put more strain on your already taxed system. Thankfully, I recently had the privilege of listening to a lecture series by a really smart lady named Dr. You can cut craving for sugar by giving your body the amino acids it needs to correct your particular imbalance. Check out this chart to find out if you may be low in any of these five neurotransmitters and what amino acids which may help to curb your cravings. One of the most common dietary recommendations for PCOS is to control your blood sugar, because insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar play a role in perpetuating PCOS symptoms.
In healthy folks, insulin helps to make a gate for glucose (sugar) to pass through cell membranes where it will be processed into energy.
Insulin resistance (IR) develops due to high stress, unhealthy lifestyle, or sometimes genetics. Glucose then floats around the blood stream (elevated blood sugar) until it is converted to fat by the liver. Elevated insulin also triggers the body to convert testosterone to estrogen, which upsets hormone balance, perpetuates weight gain, and contributes to the formation of ovarian cysts. Mainstream advice is to cut out processed carbohydrates including white breads, pasta, potatoes, and cereals. These approaches may work for some women to manage blood sugar, reduce the symptoms of PCOS, and promote fertility – at least in the short term. Health researcher Matt Stone claims that avoiding sugar and starches to deal with insulin resistance is dodging around the problem rather than healing it, and that a long-term restrictive diet will only lead to more health issues down the road. Stone asserts that in order to truly correct insulin resistance, you must heal your metabolism. The root cause [of PCOS] is probably a quintuple combination of excessive polyunsaturated fat accumulation in your tissues (which is estrogenic), excessive consumption of xenoestogens (toxic chemical pollutants) and phytoestrogens – soy being the worst offender, oral contraceptive use, excessive stress and inflammation, and repeated attempts at weight loss through any of the popular approaches ranging from doing lots of “cardio” to calorie restriction. Very few women and men expect to have trouble when it comes to having a family, and coming up against obstacles can bring about epic levels of stress. Co-authored with my dear friend and esteemed colleague, Laura Erlich, we have spent hours upon hours writing, revising, and revising again to bring you the very best information we could compile in 200+ pages based on our combined three decades of professional and personal experience in the fields of Chinese medicine, fertility, pregnancy, and real food nutrition. Whether it’s due to the mounting stress and toxins in our modern lives or simply the fact that many couples are waiting longer to start a family, fertility challenges are on the rise.
Get your pregnancy on track the natural, time-tested way and enjoy your journey to motherhood with Feed Your Fertility. Hi,my daughter has Pcos – she has had anxiety nd depression for about six years and s slowly recovering.
Wow thanks rockerb ya thats the next step my doctor wants to take is the clomid and med combo. I found out I had PCOS on my own after complaints to all kinds of doctors (I am not overweight either, so no one suspected) and after a year of 2000 mg of Metformin I was able to conceive. Dora, or anyone with info on the subject – can you please tell me more about supplementing with Iodine for PCOS.
I’ve been following most of the above recommendations for the last year and am feeling very, very good now. April 22, 2015 by Jessica Leave a Comment So, you’ve been feeling like crud for a while. This is not the end all be all of Hashimoto’s, however I really feel these are great sources to dig into, whether you are using conventional methods of healing, natural methods are a combination of both. Nothing makes me more sad than people who think that have to live with their Hashimoto’s symptoms.
Here is where you will find information on what lab tests you should have run, their optimal values, how to find a good doctor and information on medications. While this book is not as easy to read as others, it gave me great insight to why I was feeling as bad as I was.
This is just the tip of the iceberg but for me, when I started my Hashimoto’s journey these are resources that made an impact on my journey. You will quickly learn that you need to be your own thyroid advocate.You deserve to have wonderful care and to feel good.
Also remember, you didn’t get here overnight so you are not going to get better overnight. April 18, 2015 by Donielle Baker 13 Comments Vitex (also know as chaste tree) is often said to be great for fertility, but is it for everyone? And make sure you scroll below the video to grab her top fertility tip and a three-day fertility menu! Kelly LeGendre, the creator of The Fertility Fix program, is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who has been helping women grow their families naturally for over a decade.
Not an exact transcription, so check out the video for the entire conversation, but here are some of the main points from our talk! It works on the hypothalamus to stimulate dopamine production and when dopamine is up, it suppresses prolactin which has a cascading effect to raise progesterone. It can be useful in women with progesterone deficiency issues, but Kelly always tries to use other options to raise progesterone first.
Vitex does have a slight estrogenic effect, but it tends to raise estrogen and progesterone at the same time. Kelly uses it primarily for luteal phase defects (where the second half of the cycle after ovulation is too short).
It’s also important to know that dopamine and progesterone have the same precursor hormone, pregnenolone.

Lifestyle – Pregnenolone is also used to produce cortisol, and if you have high levels of stress for a long period of time, the body uses this precursor for stress instead of progesterone production.
Women tend to gloss over this recommendation and move on to more exciting remedies, but reducing stress, and figuring out better ways of dealing with it, are really important and make a big difference.
Diet – Consuming a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as good fats is important in hormone production. Sugar needs to be cut out as it can cause the body to preferentially produce serotonin instead of dopamine. PCOS responds so well to diet and lifestyle changes that those should be primary in those experiencing PCOS.
Alcohol extracts the constituents from the plant so tinctures are going to be your best bet.
It’s important to work with someone who knows the herb well as they can figure out the correct dosage for your situation. No known contraindicated herbs for vitex, but maca seems to be another overused herb right now.
The concern with going off of it abruptly is that vitex is artificially getting your body to produce progesterone and if you stop taking it without using supplemental progesterone it could make miscarriage more likely. Vitex and breastfeeding – should you take it while breastfeeding and does it reduce milk supply?
I also focus on LOTS of veggies to provide necessary vitamins and minerals, plus the micronutrients and fiber that are needed to break down and remove surplus hormones and other endocrine disrupting toxins from the body. Sugar, alcohol, and caffeine have been proven to have negative effects on endocrine balance, so I recommend excluding them completely while trying to conceive. Meat, eggs, and dairy should always be grass-fed and organic to avoid added hormones and maximize good fats, and fruit and veggies should be organic when feasible.
Melissa’s got a quick primer on her website, plus links to recipes and a few meal plans with more detailed info and shopping lists here .
If you have any questions concerning vitex that we didn’t answer, please feel free to ask in the comments and we’ll get it answered as soon as we can! April 15, 2015 by Renee 1 Comment I don’t know about you, but when I first heard the term adrenal fatigue I kinda “poo-pooed” it.
But in the last couple years I have literally been through some of the darkest health days I have ever experienced because I chose to ignore the very apparent adrenal issues I was suffering.
Back to back pregnancies followed by a miscarriage and then very quickly and unexpectedly getting pregnant shortly after that threw my body into a deeper level of adrenal fatigue to complete exhaustion.
In the last 18 months, I have thrown myself head first into healing my adrenal health which in turn has uncovered the root of many longstanding thyroid issues I have just dealt with for many years. I started making this after dinner infusion last year and it really helped my quest for better sleep habits. It’s just a simple step – but giving your body a little help to wind down in the evening so you can rest well could be the first and most important step to your own stress and adrenal healing. Hibiscus – Just a bit tart, hibiscus adds a wonderful red color to the tea as well as plenty of antioxidants. Rosehips – the dried fruit of certain species of roses is a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants and adds a slightly tart flavor to the tea. April 12, 2015 by Donielle Baker Leave a Comment Infertility, or even simply the thought of becoming pregnant, can bring about BIG feelings. Since the benefits of journaling is well-known, I thought our newest weekly challenge should be one where we look at those feelings and get them out. Below are some journal prompts you can use over the next week if you’d like, but feel free to come up with your own as well. The body responds to all stress is the same, even if the stressor is a looping thought that just won’t go away. Because there are fibers of the SNS that extend into nearly every tissue in the body, effects of chronic stress are felt throughout the whole body. Our brain function, stomach, large and small intestines, kidneys and reproductive organs are just a few systems that suffer. The problem with never receiving the “all clear” signal is that the momentary bursts of hormones become chronic, and bodily processes like reproduction, digestion, memory, and kidney function, which were meant to be momentarily suppressed to allow us to make it to safety, become chronically suppressed, and our adrenals, which function as the body’s “shock absorbers” stay on, convinced that we’re still in emanate danger.
Most of us know cortisol as “the stress hormone.” As a society we have come understand that when we’re under a lot of stress, higher levels of cortisol cause us to gain weight. Cortisol is released by the adrenals when they receive notice that we’re in danger (be it a conflict, finances, or a rabid monkey chasing us).
Because cortisol blocks T-cells (a vital part of our immune response) from doing their job. 1) First and foremost, it is essential that you look to put yourself first and find ways to destress and simplify life. 3) Because sustained excess levels of cortisol work against insulin and increase blood sugar levels, it is important to move towards a food lifestyle where the majority of your foods are whole foods: foods that look like what they are. While there is no known cause of PCOS, it is likely that poor diet and lifestyle are contributing factors.
Then read below to learn how to heal your metabolism, manage your blood sugar, and control food cravings. If you aren’t willing to only eat at home for every meal, familiarize yourself with eateries that carry pasture-raised, or at least organic, meat. For women who have dairy allergies or sensitivities, I certainly recommend avoiding milk, yogurt, cream, and cheese at least until their food allergy is reversed. It falls in the same trash bin as corn, soy, cottonseed, and grapeseed oils, and should be avoided. So I also know that wanting a cookie can feel more like a starving lion being tempted with a juicy gazelle just out of reach. Ross, is that sugar is FOUR TIMES more addictive than cocaine, and that many sugar cravings are due to a neurotransmitter deficiency (these are the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body). This excess insulin stimulates the ovaries to produce large amounts of the male hormone, testosterone – which can inhibit ovulation. And in order to heal your metabolism, you CANNOT eliminate macro-nutrients (protein, fat OR carbohydrates). While his methods are certainly unconventional, healing the root of any condition always makes the best sense to me. I hope you find this information useful, but as always — if you have questions (or additional info you’d live to share), please use the comments! Whether you’ve just started thinking about making babies or are experiencing challenges trying to conceive, we’ve written this book for you. I can’t tell you what medication will work for you without more information about your condition. I completely altered my eating habits and eliminated all processed and sugary foods, and within 5 weeks I was pregnant!! Natural fertility tips, recipes for fertility, and natural living information to help you be the healthiest you can be.New?
I almost cried when I got my hands on this book because it took me years to get all the information that was now in one book.
Sometimes having this disease will make you feel like you are losing it, but it is not you…and there are many of us that feel the same way. After the birth of her son (who was conceived while following the first iteration of The Fertility Fix plan!), she left her acupuncture practice to focus on helping make motherhood a reality for other women worldwide. Women don’t realize what a huge effect stress has on their hormone levels, but it takes whatever else is happening inside your body and amplifies it.

Magnesium, zinc, B6, and vitamin C can all help in the production of progesterone and its precursor hormones. Normally Kelly recommends about 30-40 drops per day in water, upon waking, and on an empty stomach. Women with early menopause or premature ovarian failure may have good results with it, but if a woman has low progestersone the last thing they need is more estrogen in their systems. The herbs are trying to naturally balance while the prescriptions are trying to take over and do what needs to be done so it’s counter-productive.
But it has traditionally been used to increase milk supply in the immediate post partum period, and yet at others times it can be used to reduce prolactin levels – it all depends on the individual situation so check with a practitioner that knows the herb. You need plenty of good fats and protein to create the hormones needed to conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy, so I try to include a wide variety of them. Cruciferous veggies are especially good for helping the body eliminate excess estrogen, so I try to include some everyday.
In it, she outlines what she calls the “weekly cook-up”, where you basically spend an hour or two once a week grilling chicken, browning ground beef, prepping veggies, and making a few sauces, then all week-long all you have to do is throw a few things in a pan with a little oil and some spices, and voila—dinner is done in 10 minutes flat! But I am functioning at a level I haven’t functioned at since well before I had children.One of the things I really needed help with doing was relaxing enough to sleep well at night. I would make it right after dinner and let the herbs infuse the water and drink it when my kids went to bed. It is part of the ragweed family, so a person with extreme ragweed allergies may want to use caution.
We can hash out what we truly think about the situation we find ourselves in with no underlying fear of judgement from even those that love us most. Whether you’re getting chased by a bear or you’re worried about paying the bills, it’s all the same to your body and causes your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) to fire up. When stress isn’t simply momentary, but constant and unrelenting, our bodies never receive the cue from the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) that the danger has dissipated and we’re safe from harm once again.
Cortisol then assists us in “getting away” by activating a long list of bodily processes, such as converting proteins to energy, attempting to combat stress, and restoring homeostasis in the body. We can cope with this temporarily, but over time the sustained roadblock T-cells encounter to do their job leaves us vulnerable to every little germ.
However, it does so by suppressing function to the hippocampus where memories are processed and stored. There may be stressors that are beyond your control, so look for the things that you can do something about immediately. Recent research is proving what many cultures have asserted for centuries: meditation, particularly Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction reduces stress levels while increasing your ability to handle stressful situations.
Not only will this help stabilize your blood sugar, but it also helps to soothe frayed and tired nerves. Herbs that are nervine (nourishing to the nerves) and adaptogenic (supporting the body in adapting to stress) are going to be particularly helpful.
Many diets are based on either gimmicky products with toxic ingredients or some sort of deprivation.
I know, this task falls into the much-easier-said-than-done pile, but I promise it’s not that hard.
This can happen because you eat a crappy diet, you don’t get enough sleep, or you have been under a lot of stress (either acute or chronic).
There are so many resources available, we just have to work at finding the right one for us. Kelly uses a research-based approach to naturally optimize fertility through a combination of functional nutrition, lifestyle modification, and herbal medicine. Stress increases insulin resistance, interferes with thyroid function, lowers progesterone, makes it more difficult for your liver to break down excess estrogen and other toxins, and causes inflammation by impacting gut health. But once we can get them ovulating through dietary changes, then we can look at progesterone levels and see if they have any luteal phase problems.
This is especially true for low dopamine-type depression, the symptoms of which include apathy and having a really hard time getting excited about anything. After the herbs have steeped you can strain them out, add the pinch of sea salt, and squeeze the lemon and stir in the raw honey to your taste. Together, with decreased nutrition absorption from a depressed digestive system, weight gain is increasingly likely. And because the body is prioritizing the perceived threat against our lives, the bug that would give us the sniffles slips through undeterred. Long term excess cortisol, as is present in chronic stress, overwhelms the hippocampus, causing it to atrophy, or waste away. What can we do to not only lower our cortisol levels, but to heal ourselves and move towards living as wholly integrated individuals? My encouragement is to find a Naturopath or trained herbalist who will sit down, get to know you, and make specific suggestions. From a Naturopathic perspective, there is an emotional component to our illnesses, especially if the illnesses are chronic.
I got put on clomid for 3 months and that didnt do the trick, So my doctor has me on mediformin now, and i have been on it for a little over 2 months. I stayed on metformin throughout and had a healthy baby girl and when she was 18mo old I got pregnant again! Then on a whim, I took vitex (chasteberry) in 2009 & was pregnant in three months without charting! Wentz is a Hashi’s patient as well and I find this book information and easy to read. No matter how much you clean up your diet, if your stress level is still through the roof, your health (and fertility) will suffer. Herbs, like people, have personalities and nuances that help professionals know exactly the kind of person they will be helpful for. Stick to a lifestyle plan that is sustainable and works with your body and that family you’ve always wanted could be right around the corner ?? All my best!! While this seems counter-intuitive, let’s consider how weight gain could be a protective measure. This is just one reason why your neighbor can have great success using chamomile to relax and it may do absolutely nothing for you.
The adrenals and kidneys have a strong affinity to fear and a feeling of “I’m not safe.” Explore how these emotions might be showing up in your life. Im not over weight, im actually just right so my question is will this mediformin work for me to concieve a child? And used my “do-er” personality to dive head first into the task of healing my body from fatigue.
While some can go “cold turkey,” you may find that you’re more successful if you eliminate one type at a time.
Your body, being the intelligent, dynamic organism that is is, sustains you by packing on the pounds so you don’t need to stop and feed while fleeing for your life.

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