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To watch Kerry Washington on Scandal these days, you probably wouldn't be able to guess that she's pregnant. TV Guide presented a series of Gif images that demonstrate how Scandal has been hiding Washington's pregnancy, and it's actually pretty comical when you view all of them in a row.
We can joke all we want, but if these techniques have ensured that Scandal could stay on the air -- and not have to cram a premature pregnancy plot into the story in the process - I'm all for it! But the ultimate strategy for hiding Washington's pregnancy may very well be major distraction in the form of massive suspense and tension you could cut with a knife.

This is the second-to-last episode of the season, and the Scandal finale is set for April 17. Of course, if you were paying close attention to the blocking and props, you might begin to notice the clever ways the series is hiding Washington's condition. Based on how last night's episode left off, with Olivia's gladiators taking down B613 at a crucial moment, it seems doubtful that we'll have time to play spot-the-baby-bump during next week's episode, which may be explosive in more ways than one. While Olivia Pope usually dresses in well-fitted ensembles, we've seen her in some loose-fitting tops in recent episodes (see above).

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