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As soon as I saw this bag, I knew I HAD to have it!  It was only 5 bucks for this giant bag too!  I love Earthbound Farm; good quality, great tasting food that stays fresh forever.  LOVE! I’ve been enjoying lots of yummy salads this week too!  I love making salads when I have a whole slew of wonderful things to put in them! I also made a double batch of Chocolate Protein Pancakes yesterday so I could top them with the yummy berries I bought.
Heavenly!  I topped mine with a little bit of natural peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries and sugar-free syrup. I threw the Fall Apart Chicken in the Crock-Pot in the morning and then put some quinoa in the rice cooker on a timer later on.  I ran to the gym for a bit while everything finished cooking. I got a great upper body workout in and was so happy to have dinner all ready when I got home.  I was going to roast some veggies too, but decided to keep it simple and just do the fruit. Despite the looks on their faces, they had a lot of fun and loved playing on the playground!  I got myself a Grilled Chicken Salad and it was decent. I felt really, really good all week long.  I had more energy and my body just felt more vibrant and healthy (go figure.)  I had some major sugar cravings on day 3 and 4, but I stayed strong!

Leftover chicken, brown rice and salad topped with Tzatziki.  I actually had this several times and it always tasted AMAZING! I usually skip the tortilla, but I decided to use ONE and make it into a tostada type salad.  It was phenomenal!  I topped it with fat-free refried beans, turkey taco meat, lettuce, tomato, olives, green onion, cheese, salsa and plain Greek yogurt. I enjoyed a bunch of other healthy things last week, but I didn’t take any more pics. We had such a fun holiday weekend!  I love the 4th of July SO MUCH!  It is the epitome of summer!!!! On July 2nd, we took the kids to our City Carnival.  Our two biggest kids were gone, so we just took the three little ones and we all had a ball. Kev tried to take my 10 year old around on a bunch of rides, but sadly they wouldn’t let him go on most of them because of his cast. Kev and two of my boys are on the far left.  This ride went up and around different directions and they all loved it!  I was worried my 6 year old would freak out, but he loved it and wanted to go again and again! I told you guys I also had one indulgence.  I really, really, really wanted to make a festive Fruit Pizza, so I DID!

It was so yummy and WORTH the indulgence.  I will share the recipe in a different post since this one is already long enough. I hope you all had a fabulous 4th and for those of you outside of the USA, I hope you’re having a fabulous summer! Filed Under: Adventures, Family Life, Meal Ideas, PregnancyStaying Committed When I Really Don’t Want To! Soooo, this morning I decided to make a big batch of Protein Packed Pancakes.  I love them so much and could eat them every day!  I love to make a bunch so I can freeze them. Actually, I should mention that I slept for a big chunk of it, so it’s possible it was good while I slept.

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