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You will find our staff eager to help with any of your health care needs, from answering questions about your insurance and scheduling your appointments, and providing information about your condition. July 29, 2011 by Maryea 28 Comments I’m just bursting with excitement and have been dying to share the news with you! I had no feelings whatsoever about whether I was having a boy or girl, so I was completely surprised when the ultrasound tech pointed out the unquestionable parts that make this baby a male. I don’t think it matters if it is your first baby or fifth baby, seeing your child inside of you via ultrasound is nothing short of amazing.
Thank you for all of your reassuring comments last week when I talked about my feeling regarding exercising while pregnant. I still have a large appetite, and trying to make smart food choices to fill up my tummy and keep me satisfied. I think hearing the baby is very big would make me feel a bit nervous, too… But I am sure it will work out fine.

A Creamy Soup with a Touch of Sweetness: Carrot, Tomato and Coconut Soup A delicious budget meal, perfect for the whole family. Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats Enjoy decadent treats without the guilt this February. Snacking the Healthy Way With Two Veggie Snacks A delicious way to get a crunch from your favorite vegetables. Six Tasty Tostado Dinners For Under 200 Calories Try a variation on the bean and cheese tostada for a light and healthy dinner any time of year. Most of these are nutritious, but also allow for a few fun snacks to appease your pregnancy cravings.
It is very easy to forget about all the negative things in pregnancy once you hold your baby for the first time. This was the case for me, at least.This being my second pregnancy, I am yet again reminded how long 9 months really lasts.

Healthy and careful eating, lots of water, and exercise are not only important for you, but the baby inside you as well. I have dealt with morning sickness, fatigue, round ligament pain, ovarian cysts, and more recently heartburn, constipation, and sleepless nights. The books I own, and the websites I read weekly, indicate the importance of a healthy weight gain. I was surprised that I only need an extra 300-350 calories per day during the second and third trimester.

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