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One aspect of pregnant womens’ health that can sometimes get overlooked, however, is their sexual health.
STDs can cause complications before, during, and after pregnancy, leading to lasting effects on not only the mother, but her unborn child.
Since chlamydia is the most common STD in the United States, pregnant women should take note of how contracting the disease can affect their child.
Another common STD, when left untreated in pregnant women gonorrhea can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, and infection of the amniotic fluid. Since it can eventually lead to potentially fatal acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), it’s important for pregnant women and their healthcare providers to test for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Syphilis can be transmitted during pregnancy and cause premature birth, stillbirth, or even infant fatality soon after birth. A fairly common STD, trichomoniasis can cause preterm labor, premature rupture of uterus membranes, and low birth weight. For quick and confidential STD testing, pregnant women can rely on their local ARCpoint Labs. Obese women, with a BMI (body mass index above 30), are under a greater risks of complications during pregnancy. Thrombosis: The formation of clots in blood vessels which may lead to more serious complications. With an annual growing population of obese women and an increased awareness of the complications related to obesity whilst pregnant, more and more women are turning towards weight loss surgery to gain a healthier weight. The most sought after weight loss surgery before pregnancy is the gastric band (laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding) due to its reversibility and non restriction on nutrients absorption. During the study, to minimize band restriction during pregnancy, all fluid was taken out of the gastric bands as early as possible. Email your questions, call us or simply book a consultation to discuss your weight loss treatment options. Gentle exercise, such as a walk, yoga, or some other form of low impact fitness is a great way to get some relief. The baby is taking up an increased amount of space in your abdomen; it is normal to experience a feeling of fullness after eating a small amount of food, and sometimes even heartburn. There are many more common issues that take place during pregnancy, but to describe them in detail is beyond the scope of this article. Pregnant women can get STDs or experience an inflammation of a previous STD, and the results can be life-threatening for both the pregnant mother and her child.
Like chlamydia, gonorrhea can also be transferred to a child during delivery, leading to eye infections. The risk of infection transfer depends on when the mother is infected, with the greatest risk occurring closest to delivery.
HIV can be transmitted to a child during pregnancy and delivery, and even during breastfeeding.

The cauliflower-like clumps of genital warts caused by HPV can actually block a mother’s birth canal, making Cesarean section a necessity.
If the infected baby does survive, they can experience problems in their skin, heart, brain, ears, eyes, and bones. By getting screened for STDs in the first and third trimesters, pregnant women can most effectively combat the serious complications caused by STDs. Our nationwide walk-in facilities provide comprehensive STD screening, including many of the above STDs. The gastric band weight loss surgery is the insertion of an inflatable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach to reduce intake of food and promote weight loss when combined a healthy lifestyle.
The study group was made up of 650 patients that underwent the gastric band weight loss surgery of which 20 women had 22 pregnancies.
Optimal and healthy weight gain during pregnancy was measured for all women and fluid was added to the bands accordingly from 14 weeks on-wards. The silicone bands were deflated and then restricted again to ensure a healthy pregnancy whilst limiting excessive weight gain and promote healthy weight loss post pregnancy. Over the next 12 months, Allison Prater will cover topics ranging from prenatal health to simplicity parenting. As someone who has been studying to be a doula, and is currently embarking on the adventure of motherhood herself, I thought I’d share some information on how to support a healthy, happy pregnancy.
This helps reduce the levels of acid and carbon dioxide that build up in the blood; it can also help to combat fatigue and constipation. Though you are starting to show, you are still able to move around and sleep pretty comfortably.
Avoiding heavy, oily or spicy foods, especially at the evening meal, can reduce this symptom.
In addition, as the baby travels through the birth canal it can be exposed to the STD, resulting in damaging lung and eye infections.
But proper diagnosis and treatment of HIV before or during pregnancy can lower the transmission risk to less than 2%. If vaginal birth is possible, the mother can transmit HPV to the child and potential cause non-cancerous growths in the child’s larynx. Find STD screening at the ARCpoint location near you, and take stock of your sexual health today!
You should still consult with your care provider about any concerns you may have before undertaking any of these suggestions. Eating small frequent meals is advisable, as having an empty stomach can make things worse. Some women may start to experience aches and pains in the low back, upper back, shoulders and hips. Eat a balanced diet of whole, organic foods, being sure to include plenty of complete proteins, calcium, whole grains, and a variety of fruits and veggies.

This can lead to chronic liver disease (which claims 1 in 4 infected infants) or even liver cancer in later life. Because of the potentially fatal effects of herpes on newborns, Cesarean section is recommended for all pregnant women with active genital herpes.
In pregnancy, the adjustable option of the gastric band ensures that both the mother and baby have an easier access to essential nutrients. Because your body is working so hard to grow this new human being during this time, you may experience two of the most classic early pregnancy symptoms: nausea and fatigue. The nausea is a caused by increased levels of estrogen and progesterone, equivalent to taking 100 birth control pills a day! Eating some crackers or toast upon waking can help to absorb stomach acid and keep foods down. Slippery elm lozenges can bring relief, and they are perfectly safe as long as they don’t contain other herbs such as coltsfoot or comfrey root. Some say that the interrupted sleep one experiences while pregnant is preparing you for waking up during the night with your baby.
Sugary foods will cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate dramatically, and oily foods are difficult to digest. Prenatal massage, yoga, pilates, dance and swimming are all beneficial to your body, helping you to maintain healthy alignment. Having a high-protein breakfast, and at least one more serving of a complete protein, daily can eliminate headaches.
Sitting on an inflatable exercise ball instead of chairs and couches can help keep your pelvis in a good position.
A hot bath with epsom salts, and essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, or a combination of these, can help to soothe muscle aches. This can be taken it in the form of a supplement and by making sure to include lots of leafy greens in your diet. These oils can also be combined with carrier oils such as coconut or sweet almond oil to create relaxing massage oils. It is an emmenagogue (able to stimulate menstruation in large amounts), therefore it should be avoided altogether if you have a history of miscarriage.

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