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When Meghan was about 17 months (last February), we decided to start trying to get pregnant again.
I was 12 weeks along, but found out at my check-up that the baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks. The doctor gave us the option of waiting for the baby to pass naturally or to have a D&C. We were advised to allow my body at least 3 months before trying to conceive again, but I needed even more time. I had my next period exactly one month after my D&C, so I thought that I probably would start back with regular cycles the next month.
Exhaustion:  I have been much, much more tired with this pregnancy than I remember being with my first.
Maryea, SO sorry to hear about all that you went through to get pregnant this time around.
Just take one look at the belly shot that Rebecca posted today at 23 weeks and be glad that you only have one baby in there! Found this just based on a search, and felt I had to post as my story is the exact same as yours.

With Meghan it took about 8 months, so I figured it wouldn’t happen right away, but it did. I am very sorry to hear about your miscarriages, I think this must be the most awful thing that can happen.
I have a friend who miscarried and she was so distraught and fearful of becoming pregnant again for fear of losing the baby again. We started trying in November and I got pregnant in January and found out in February that it was an ectopic and I had to have surgery. I’m truly sorry about what you’ve been through, and glad things look so good right now!
Although I can’t imagine the pain you must have gone through, I think it is very important for women to break the silence surrounding miscarriages and to share their pain and experiences.
I am in my 16th week with my 2nd, and hope this inspires me to write notes about the pregnancy.
She also was very tired during her pregnancy, and I think you just have to take it how it comes, you never know before. Try to relax and enjoy all the crazy things your body is doing all that nausea and hormone fluctuation is so worht it in the end.

We were anxious to try again, so after 2 cycles were given the go ahead, and even though I felt my body wasn’t in perfect form, we got pregnant right away. And just think, our babies are having a good time in Heaven waiting for us to join them ?? I hope this pregnancy is great for you!
Thank you for openly sharing about it all and I’m so happy to hear things are going well so far with this pregnancy. I felt very alone while going through this process as not a lot of people talk about miscarriage.
It feels so good to hear that other people have been through what I am going through and I’m not alone.

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