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People who drink red wine in moderate amounts regularly, are known to have sharper memory powers. Drinking wine can burn the fat in the body with greater intensity and people who consume wine are said to be less obese than who drink other alcohols.
Wine is derived from grapes so it contains a considerable amount of nutrition that the grapes contain. The defense mechanism of the body gets stronger with the intake of wine as they contain antioxidants that help in fighting germs that can lead to stomach infections, ulcers, and colitis. Resveratrol protects vision and the compounds in wine can prevent the growth of unwanted blood vessels in the eye that could lead to macular degeneration or blindness. The growth of tumors in the ovaries can be reduced with the effect of antioxidants present in wine. An excess drinking of alcohol can damage the liver but wine has a positive impact on the liver and is beneficial for its functioning if taken in moderation. Omega 3 fats are protective against coronary diseases and drinking wine acts as a catalyst to improve the level of these fats in the blood cells and plasma.

Women tend to consume alcohol faster than men, as they have low water content and certain digestive enzymes.
As opposed to other alcohols, wine can reduce and prevent the growth of tumors that lead to cancer. Procyanidins are other compounds in wine that can keep the blood vessels healthy and prevent them from weakening, which is an age-related problem.
The procyanidins keep the heart in good shape by preventing clots and inflammation in the arteries.
The risk of ovarian cancer is said to decline by almost 50% in women who drank a glass of red wine daily.
The flavonoids present in wine prevent the oxidation of the skin cells and protect against the damaging effects of the rays. The instance of fatty liver is nominal in wine drinkers as compared to other liquor consumers. Resveratrol is a compound present in red wine that prevents the blood platelets from sticking and hence maintains proper blood supply to the brain, this enhances memory functions and the ability of the brain to remember and recollect things also increases.

It increases the level of testosterone and decreases estrogen levels to prevent tumor growth. It also maintains optimum blood pressure and hence promotes the healthy functioning of the heart.
Even colon cancer patients are benefitted as it can reduce the spread of cancer cells in the colon and also protect the body against lung cancers.
Red wine has more health benefits than white variety, though white wine too, is considered heart healthy.

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