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The 'All Around the World' singer was pictured in the buff while strumming his guitar, which covered his private area, at his grandmother's home in Toronto, Canada in October 2012. Justin Bieber didn't show up at the recently concluded 2013 Teen Choice Awards, but he still somehow manages to grab the headlines.
In the images, the "Boyfriend" hitmaker was in his birthday suit and held a guitar which was the only thing that covered his private part. Just over the weekend, it was reported that a South Pointe nightclub patron planned to sue The Biebs for allegedly beating him up in a bar brawl on Sunday, August 3. So when Wilson ran into him at the hospital where she worked (Griffiths was reportedly there to visit his dying grandfather), she "borrowed" a toddler from her friend and told Griffiths that it was his. Anyway, back to the story: When Wilson told Griffiths that he had knocked her up, he seemed to take it in stride. Then, when Griffiths posted a photo of him and his "son" on Facebook, someone recognized the kid and told Griffiths that there was no way he could be the father.

TMZ has just obtained pictures of a completely naked Bieber taken in October 2012 during Canadian Thanksgiving.
He reportedly pulled a prank on his family and friends at his grandmother's house during the holiday by stirring around the house naked.
Wayne Rennalls, the alleged victim, claimed he was left bloody and bruised on the club parking lot after the heated exchange involving the pop superstar and his entourage which was sparked by "jealousy" over women. Griffiths said he made it clear that he wasn't interested in doing it again, but Wilson was apparently hung up on him and proceeded to stalk him on social media. When he demanded proof, Wilson used her position as a nurse to create a fraudulent birth certificate and forge a DNA test.
Maybe it seemed like a harmless joke at first, but what kind of person is like, "Yeah, borrow my kid for a few months or whatever and let me know how it goes with that guy you're trying to get back together with!"How long did Wilson think this con was going to last?
He and his parents reportedly welcomed Wilson into the family and showered her with gifts, including a car.

It's one thing to convince Griffiths that the baby is his, but do you then have to keep that charade up for the rest of your life together? I'm not sure why she wanted the fetus rather than a baby that had already been birthed, but it had something to do with her wanting to give her boyfriend a baby after previously having two miscarriages. If so, it's not really "borrowing" the kid so much as "taking it forever."Speaking of which, is it really that easy to forge birth certificates in the UK?What the fuck is wrong with people?

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